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July 17, 2019



My favorite colors are blue and white. Lovely quilts.

Nancy Watkins

Good luck Nicole! I dearly love your Aurora quilt and your blue and white guest room will look smashing!


I use very little blue in my quilts, but love the color. Your quilts are beautiful and a blue and white guest room sounds so relaxing and peaceful.

Mary Kastner

They are so pretty and YES they need to be finished. Good plan! And good luck pulling them all together. You will be so happy when they are finished!


Barbara Anne

What a good idea to use these charming bluee/white quilts in your guest room. Yes, time to get them quilted. Have fun choosing backing fabrics for them.

I especially love Aurora!



I really like the way you arranged the blocks in the top quilt! The 'craziness' of your summer will become wonderful 'memories' one day for both you & your girl, Eva!


oh my gosh! I don't know which one I love more. they are both gorgeous! Aurora is in my queue to be made still.

enjoy the summer with Eva bc it's almost will be back in school b4 you know it. ;p


Love both of your quilts but the first one is truely a stunner!


If I can ask, how did you find a long arm quilter?... through a local quilt shop? I'm in the market for one. Thank you!

Robby H.

Blue and white quilts always look so fresh... and restful. Perfect for a guest room.

Mary E. Lines

To whom do you send your tops for quilting? They always look so nice and the turn-around time seems quite fast. Could you share that information?

Christine Cole

I love both of those quilts. I'm currently decorating our Master Bedroom in blue and soft whites. I may need to make an Aurora quilt of my own.


Both of those beautiful quilts are right in my wheelhouse. Can't wait to see them quilted.

Betty Meyer

The Green Fairy Quilt shop does long arm quilting.

Joan S

I love both of these quilts, Nicole! So pretty!!

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