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August 09, 2019


Carole Moore

Uh oh! I am not familiar with Jo Morton, but I will be as soon as I finish this post. However Kim Diehl speaks to me and I have made several quilts with her patterns and fabric. How nice to become acquainted with Jo Martin by winning a book!


Would love to win a copy.


I have one of her books but not this one! Thanks for the chance to win.


Look forward to your blog posts inspires me to keep on Quilting and ufos are ok. The book looks 👍

Terri Karasch

Jo Morton (and Kim Diehl) fan as well. I would love to have a copy of this book!


Thanks for the chance to get this great book! I really like their work.

Pamela Thorne

Thank you for sharing and for the opportunity to win this book!

Vicki Gianniny

I just did something similar. Our Quilt Guild has a library and I borrowed a book I own. This looks like a beautiful book so I can understand why you really like it! Thank you.

connie wolfe

It's no wonder that you got two of her books. Jo Morton's work is easy on the eyes and inspiring.

Susan Q

I could make only Jo Morton quilts and be perfectly content. I love her books and her fabric lines.


Guess I'm not the only person to buy a book twice. Thank you for offering your second copy!

Adrienne Cleave

So kind of you to share. Thank you for the opportunity to win... I could us some new inspiration!

Sharon Hawks

Thanks for the chance to win the Jo Morton and Kin Diehl quilting book! Love to quilt!

Joye Cox

I have some Jo Morton books but not this one. Thanks for the chance to add another.

Cindie Ploog

ooooo! I would love to win the book! I just finished Kim Diehl's Geese on the Meadow, and would like to try Jo Morton! and see their collaborations!

Mary C. Peryea

I love Jo Morton! I would have done the same thing you

Carol Radcliffe

Oh! Her fabric is addictive! Love all her small prints! There is a pretty quilt in the Sept/Oct issue of Love of Quilting using Jo Morton "Spice It" up fabric. It is a nice fall quilt.

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