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August 09, 2019


Robby H.

Oh, this one has been on my wishlist! I have two copies of a book. I knew I had the book, I looked high and low for it for months. Finally, I decided I must have loaned it out and it didn't come back. I did feel better about the second copy when it was still several more months before I discovered which "safe place" I had stashed the original. Sometimes putting things in a safe place mostly means the location is safe from me!

Becky Turner

I went to check and I do not have this one by please add me to the list.

Eileen Emerson

Awesome giveaway and don't feel bad. I've purchased a book twice before too, makes you know you truly wanted it, {smile!}.
I have their first book but not this one yet. I love Kim Diehl's and Jo Morton's designs and fabrics. Also will be taking a workshop with Kim in October which I'm psyched about!
Thanks for the chance.

Debbie R.

Two inspiring quilters, one good book, lots of quilt potential. Thanks, Nicole, for turning your oops into an opportunity to share.
Question: have you made any quilts from your first copy of the book? Which ones are on your would-love-to-make list?

Linda Taylor

I really like both of these designers. It would be great to win this book! Thanks for the chance. I enjoy reading your blog!

Debbie Myers

I love Jo Morton and Kim Diehl! And I have also bought a book twice - and on more than one occasion. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to benefit from your double purchase!


I do love Jo Morton designs. Thanks for sharing.


It is so nice of you to share. Would love to win it. Thank you.

Linda Smith

I really like Jo Morton's patterns and love her fabric, too. I have some of her older pattern instructions I tore out of old issues of Quilter's Newsletter Magazine. I still love those old patterns.


Been there, done that, but I don't have this book so please count me in.


I do not have many quilt books and certainly nothing from jo morton. Looks like a great prize!

Kathy B

Me too. Lack of inventory control

sharon docherty

I love Jo Morton too. Would love this book. I have purchased more than one magazine that i already had but so far not a book

Deb S.

I always enjoy reading your blog, and your quilts are always beautiful. I would love to be considered for your book drawing.

Linda Enneking

I have bought duplicates of a few books myself. I have several of Jo Morton and Kim Diehl's books, but not this one, so I would be excited to win this one. Thanks for making it available.


I love Jo Morton and would be thrilled to win her book. I have purchased duplicates before too-I drive myself crazy when I do that!

Gloria Y

I am a Jo Morton fan also and I have been eyeing this book! I have my fabric sorted by color (mostly) and I have been wondering if I should keep all Jo Morton fabrics together. Thank you for offering your duplicate book to us...don't you just hate it when you do that?


I know I've done this a few times myself. Time to go through the shelves, find and share the duplicates. Thanks for the nudge, Nicole!


I love Jo Morton! Thanks for the giveaway. I’ve been loving your late summer runners!

Mary Jo

I would love to win this book as I'm a Jo Morton fan and haven't yet purchased it. I can't tell you how many times I've mistakenly purchased a second copy of a quilting book. Thanks for sharing.

Linda Carpenter

Yes...I have been considering purchasing this book...maybe I could be a winner!

barbara woods

love her quilts

Sue Swank

I would love a Jo Morton book. Tnanks!!

Mary E. Lines

I love Jo Morton too. Would love to add this one to my stast.

Beth Farwell

I like both Kim Diehl and Jo Morton, would love to have this book! Thank you,

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