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August 12, 2019


Barbara Anne

What a wonderful photo of you and miss Eva!

Well done on your golden HSTs project! Ever since I read of Mary Ellen Hopkins' method of sewing blocks into p pairs (next door neighbors) and pairrs into goups of 4 (across the street neighbors) etc, I've never sewn a quilt togeter in rows. With her method, you end up sewing just one long seam either the width or the length of the quilt.

Congratulations to Nancy!



You are such a cute gramma!

Nancy Watkins

Oh my gosh! I guess #17 just might be my lucky number! Excited. I cannot believe how fast your granddaughter is growing up and so pretty too (just like her grandma). Thank you so much Nicole!

Mary Kastner

Congratulations to Nancy! It will be fun to see what those triangles turn into. School starts in the Creek this Thursday. Back to some sort of normal! Have a wonderful hot day Nicole!


Linda Diane Townsend

What a pretty picture.


You and Eva look so cute together!


Congratulations to Nancy with lucky number 17! Enjoy the book! Hard to believe that Eva is going into 3rd Grade! You ought to make copies & frame that photo! Cheers!

Robby H.

You and Eva seem to be making great memories for you both. What a gift.


so glad she had fun at camp! ;p enjoy your last week with her....3rd grade can be lots of fun!

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