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August 06, 2019



It'll be worth the struggle once you are finished. It's absolutely beautiful. Don't let the fact that some identical fabrics are beside each other. We always seem more critical of our work than anyone else. You do outstanding work for sure.


I'm glad you're persevering, because this is one gorgeous quilt! It will be so worth it in the end. Just beautiful!


That's frustrating! I've found that putting partially finished quilts away then trying to start again is exactly as you trying to reinvent the wheel! The colors are lovely & once it's quilted you'll have forgotten the pain...that's how it goes, right?

Nancy Watkins

It really is a beautiful quilt! I have always been sorry I let this one get away. You should be proud you are finally finishing it up. It is a real beauty!

Patty Fowl

It’s a beauty Nicole! Persevere because it well be well worth it and likely, one of your all-time favorites!

Barbara Anne

I'm right with you on the odd puxxlement that seems to accompany my use of on-poing settings. Everything is different for some reason. Hope you'll stop fretting about like fabrics being to clse to each other. No one will notice as they won't be nose to nose with the quilt.

It's looking wonderful!


Debbie R.

It's gorgeous! Work through any remaining pain and get it done and off the quilter. Then you will love it!

Clara Chandler

Beautiful!! I admire you for sewing so many flying geese.


I have a giant tub of Larkspur and am so happy to see your quilt. I echo the sentiments of previous comments - this is a gorgeous quilt, and you cannot go wrong, even if a few places give you fits. In the end, I suspect you will overlook them.


It looks gorgeous to me but I hear you about the difference in appearance between "from a distance" and "up close." I've had a few that came out that way, great from a distance (or in a photo) but they look like a random jumble of fabric on the bed or the wall.


it really is lovely! I've experienced the same obstacles in various projects. I've found that by asking someone else to look at the pattern and when I've laid out can sometimes be very helpful. a 2nd set of eyes can see new details. ;p

it really is lovely!

Carol in Texas

About your painful dental visit.....change dentists! These people are all about money. Sadly that seems to be rampant in today's dental profession. But we are the customers! Do not put up with it. Is there a professional organization to whom to complain? Perhaps the ADA?


Oh, that is a pretty quilt. I totally understand what you said about reinventing the wheel. I'm in trouble if I don't keep going to the finish. With all the scrappiness (is that a word?) the nothing-alike-touching may not be such an issue. In other words, a couple of 'offenses' won't ruin the quilt. Sometimes keeping to that rule just isn't 100% attainable ---short of unpicking and reworking the offending block. Please give us a full shot of the finished, beauty.

Linda Smith

I have yet to come across any collection of 3 Sisters that isn't just beautiful. It will be so impressive when you're finished.


What a wonderful pattern! There's so much going on (in a good way). I can understand why the layout would take a second or third attempt. I try to have no-same-fabric touching but there are times I just give in.


I love each and every Miss Rosie quilt I have ever made or seen. They are all gorgeous and look way more complicated than they are. I think because you had so many busy prints (which made the quilt fabulous by the way) it was harder to lay out. No matter how hard I try to not have fabrics touch, inevitably there is one that does. Great job!!

Diane Nagle

I bought this kit also, it's on my finish list. Hope it doesn't take me forever. At least I have a large design wall now, which looks like a must for this quilt! Love the colors in it. :)

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