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August 05, 2019



Our private practice dentist of 38 years just retired. We are petrified about what we are going to encounter now.
The quilt on your design wall is just beautiful!

Barbara Anne

Well done in tackling the clutter in your sewing room. I'm doing the same thing in my wee sewing room and I envy your space and that garage storage, too.

What lovely fabric scraps you have!! I, too, like the quilt on your design wall and look forward to heaing all about it.

Good for you to have your say about how you were treated at the dental office. It needed to be said and heard.


Mary Kastner

Good for you calling the office. IT was not OK behavior by any means. You are doing great in the quilt room organization . That is always such an overwhelming task. YOu are on a roll!!!



Good for you, speaking up & telling the hygienist that her shaming & 'up-selling' were not appreciated. Even if you don't return to that practice perhaps you've made other patients' experiences less upsetting. I'm guessing your de-stashing sale was successful since it's been removed from your blog! Way to go! Enjoy your week taking care of sorting & maybe some sewing!


Good job on the sewing room cleanup! I have to do the same.

T Holzer

Are you needing my mailing address to send me what you no longer want?!? lol. Your closet looks great!!

Michele Klein

It must have been the weekend to declutter the sewing room! I just barely have made a dent in it. I went through YEARS of magazines and tore out “possibilities”. I now have some storage room for items that have been piling up on my cutting table. Next up is the fabric stash!


Love how tidy your sewing room looks!


Your organization looks great! When I get clutter cleaned up and put away, I feel energized to get back to quilting.

Eileen Emerson

I truly have closet envy and I've also noted how you accomplished that over whelming task.
Thanks for the inspiration. And good for you for saying what needed to be said.

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