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August 14, 2019



Doesn't the heat and humidity in the garage affect your fabrics, especially in plastic boxes?

Mary Kastner

You look very organized to me. I need to do better for sure. This heat is just awful and the kids are starting school. Great timing. I have just been appliqueing to keep me busy. Keep cool Nicole!



Everything looks nicely organized! I like your user-friendly labels...weird lights, happy fabric, leftovers! I have that same floral (front left corner) weird light & wonder if it will every get used?!

Barbara Anne

Wonderful storage and organization of your fabrics! I should do something similar and would if I had the space. Love that "Leftovers" bin and you have room for more!! Enjoy the rediscovered space in your sewing room, too.

I've always thought the designers add two or three drops of tint or color into their new fabrics just so they will NOT 'go' with their older lines of fabrics. Your thoughts?


Nancy Watkins

I SO need to get this done! I get it somewhat organized and then after a while it is a complete mess again. I cannot wait to see your little birds quilt made out of Fig Tree fabrics. I wish I had been buying their lines through the years. Oh and some day I hope we see the neat blocks from Gathering Threads with the star in the middle that I procrastinated on joining, Have a good sewing day Nicole!


Love your labelling - happy fabrics and weird lights! Although I keep my fabric in large bins fairly well organized, I now have 2 "overflow bins" that are stuffed full and need sorting. The good things about finally sorting through, is that I discover fabric that I had forgotten about.

Patty Fowl

It feels great to get (and stay) organized, doesn't it? I have realized, after going through my stash several times, that I have waaaaay more fabric than I will ever be able to sew in my lifetime. Anyone know of wayward homes for orphan blocks? I have a few of those too! Stay cool... really hot here in Arizona too!


I sort of have a similar set up. I am pleased to see you have so much 'happy fabric'. It was 105 here in Apple Valley for days and days. Glad it has cooled down here also. Stay cool!

Sara Fridley

Nicely organized. I have plenty of small bins containing postponed projects too. I just got a chuckle out of your word choice of "postponed" rather than abandoned.

grace thorne

great storage...i have shelves like that with shoeboxes filled with cut up units plus books and my quilters newsletter archive..they are great and neat too!

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