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August 07, 2019



Very pretty.i sometimes write numbers on my flat flower pins to help me keep things straight. I wish post it’s stuck better, I find I need to pin those on my quilt top.i love those things!


Maybe it was a lot of work, but the quilt is beautiful.


It was worth every second of's beautiful!!! If you're sick of it you can send it to me! :)


You did a beautiful job on this quilt. Sometimes they just need to marinate for a while. Your finished top was worth the wait, I'd say.

Pam Hansen

Absolutely beautiful and will be even better when quilted.

Stephani in N. TX

Every once in a while, a quilt desire comes along that has me staring at the swaying (fabric) design wall, making me dizzy as I look at what's above head level, thinking for sure it's making me crazy. Glad you got this one finished, challenges and all. It reminds me of some other Carrie Nelson quilts you've done that I aspired to and never got going. Your colors are gorgeous and the results never tell on you if they were difficult or not. Enjoy your latest work of heart!

T Holzer

It's a gorgeous quilt, Nicole and I bet you feel beyond relieved to have it done and off your UFO list! Now, how long will it take you to get it quilted and bound!?!?! lol. Have a great day!!

Robby H.

Always sweet to have a long term project done, and a beauty at that.

Nancy Watkins

It is absolutely perfect! Super love this one! What a nice feeling to get this one done. My unfinished quilts languish in a bin for about five years so getting done in a year or so is a good thing!


Well it turned out beautiful. Kudos to you for tackling = and finishing a challenging project.


I agree with all of the other comments - very nice job and aren't you glad to get it finished?!

Debbie R.

Congratulations on soldiering through to a beautiful finish!!

Barbara Anne

Applause, applause!! Into The Wind is just wonderful and I, too, am glad you saw this through to a graceful end. Well done!!!!!!!!



So pretty!


really, really gorgeous!


It is beautiful and I can see that it could really be a challenge but you finished! Yea! I find it so much more difficult when I pull out an older, challenging is as if I am starting out all over because I don't make good notes!!

Clair M Becker

job well done,very pretty,loved your tips.


Beautiful quilt and congrats to get it finished!
I think you need some alphabitties they are great for keepin track of your rows (use some wonder clips to attach them). And what always helps me is to take a picture of my planned layout so I can remember it better.


Beautiful! Challenge taken, challenge met.
Isn't a finish such a good feeling.
This one is a beautiful, good feeling.


Fabulous quilt. Congratulations on getting the quilt top done.

Patty Fowl

I know you are happy to have this quilt finished because it is really stunning!!


Your "finish" turned out fantastic!

Sue Slater

This is totally off the topic although I do love the quilt. Your color choices are always special.
No, I missed your book posts this summer and may be late to the party, however, having enjoyed your recommendations for so many years, I would like to recommend "Where The Crawdads Sing". You may well have read it by now, but if not, is wonderful.


Lovely quilt. You were extremely lucky to have found more fabric that you needed. I waited too long and had no luck at all.


Quickly checking in after a few days 'vacay' at a campground! Love the soft colors in this stunning quilt! Congrats on getting it finished up!

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