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August 08, 2019



I am so pleased to know that I am not the only one that loves a book so much that they've purchased it twice, and not only that-more than once.

Kathy Czuprynski

Too funny! I saw your post on Ninth and Vine and had to have it so I’ve gathered the pattern and fabric needed. It’s in my pile of projects I want/need to make!

Barbara Anne

What delightful table runners you're making and completing! They are just perfect for this time of year.

I recently hung my late summer Hidden Wells wall quilt, made with deep greens, deep blues and sunflower fabrics. Love it!

A couple of weeks ago I thought about using about 60 colorful free HSTs in a wee quilt but have decided to save them for use in a border. At least for now!


Debbie R.

Very nice table runners. And isn't it fun to make something from bonus HSTs. I've been doing that lately and it's great in two ways: not only do you get a free project from leftovers, but you have the fun of figuring out how to make them into something, creating your own pattern. Carry on!


Love all of your ideas, and your free HSTs!!

While attending a quilt class recently, I learned that the Corn and Beans block must be done in greens and yellows in order to be called Corn and Beans. If you do different colors you have to call it by an alternate name (according to the quilt aficionados)!


Cute table runner and mini quilt!
I love your free mini HSTs project and can't wait to see it.

Robby H.

I suppose you're doing the right thing, making up these pieces for early fall. I confess, I'm completely ignoring that school starts next week and focusing on summer.


I have been enjoying your posts even though I don’t always comment. Really like these late summer/early fall runners and mats you’re making.
I can’t count the number of times I have bought the same pattern, book or magazine twice, whether it’s about quilting or knitting or another craft. But I always look at it as an opportunity to share with a friend or someone just starting their new craft or hobby. They enjoy recommendations of authors and designers and love receiving a gift out of the blue, no special occasion involved, other than just “thinking of you”!


That border on the Pepper & Flax 9-patch quilt is terrific! It really makes the blocks 'pop'!


Your projects are beautiful, Nicole. I particularly love the Pepper & Flax table runner. I have a charm pack of that fabric sitting on my shelf, just waiting for an opportunity to start a little wall hanging. I can tell that your granddaughter is gone for awhile - your output is quite impressive this week. ;) (When I babysit my little grandsons, I don’t even get the garden watered, let alone have any time to sew.). Have a good weekend!


Love your change up and "Corn & Beans" is perfect....great time of year for these kinds of projects. Love these and thanks for sharing.


Gorgeous little runners. I haven't done any summer decorating--we have been contemplating moving so I put off covering the walls with quilts if we were putting our house on the market. Bonus triangles are the best!

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