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August 27, 2019



I went to India for 2 weeks with just a small rolling backpack. I packed 3 washable rayon cotton dresses and 3 pairs of panties. I washed my dress and panty each night and it was dry in the morning. Each time I go to Europe I pick the same colors as you and take just one smaller suitcase. I’m a great packer. The key is knowing it’s a vacation and you can actually wear those slacks for 5 days intermittently with another pair. No one but you will know!


I'm a last-minute packer, but 'think about it' for a few weeks ahead of time. I used packing cubes for the first time earlier this year & give them a high recommendation! All that said, my goal is to use a carry-on & skip the whole baggage hassle when ever possible! Sounds like a wonderful trip to visit Ahren!

Barbara Anne

How exciting to anticipate visiting Ahren and Ireland again. I was stunned to read they don't have clothes dryers there. Amazing. Folks in the UK are getting dryers recently, so perhaps the trend will move northrd and across the sea?

Your packing system sounds stellar! Jan and Hedy have great systems, too.


Barbara Anne

Oh, and cute kids!! :)

More hugs


You are right about jeans: they are not good travel gear unless you wear them every day. I am a medium packer. My 25" suitcase is my standard and I don't mind checking it. I would LOVE to be one of those who can pack for a week in a carry-on. We did home stays on our one trip to England and found that the washers/dryers in those homes were much smaller than here.

Mary Kastner

How exciting for you two! It sounds like you have a very reasonable packing program in progress. Good luck!


So great that you go to Ireland again!
I'm an okay packer but there are always things you have and don't wear.

Lisa D.

Have a great trip and visit with Ahren! I'm going to London for the first time in December, so I'd love to see how you spend your time there.


I WANT that red rain coat!!!!


Wow, you'd think the concept of a clothes dryer was developed specifically for Ireland! I've tried to improve as a packer, trying harder not to over-pack and leave enough room for all the stuff I buy. Having a color scheme like you've selected is a good start. Love the red raincoat, your husband will be able to see you if you get separated. I once lost Miss Main Street in Versailles...obviously, found her again but having a distinctive "look" is a help in such cases.


Thank you so much for giving me my daily laugh: "It is a national problem, and I do not see why something can't be done about it." LOVE it! Have a great trip!


I am a terrible packer. I try to cut back, but always end up taking everything except the kitchen sink! I would say that 90% of the clothes I pack never get out of the suitcase. You would think I would get better, but I still overpack.
Have a great trip!!

Diane Linford

I'm a good packer--2 weeks in China in a carry-on bag, and 13 days in England with same. We have had luggage delays in the past, and never check bags, especially if there is a connection. I also learned, as you did to not pack denim--no matter how cute it may be. My suggestion for you is only take 2 pairs of pants, and rotate them. Lots of scarves really change up your look, and they take so little room. One pullover sweater, and one cardigan. But as we say in our family, these are suggestions and they're probably worth what you paid for them, Have a fantastic trip!

Robby H.

I am a pretty light packer, but I do like to have an extra shirt and pair of undies "just in case" if we're going where laundry would be a big hassle. I am also a tight packer, my husband has had to have me pack his business bags a little less compactly so he can get it all back in the same case to come home. You're smart to pick a tight color palette, that really helps lighten the load. What a fun trip to anticipate!

Debi Bacon

I go to Europe about every 2 years and this is what I learned: first and foremost, jeans mark you as an American and you really don't want that. Leave those jeans (and your tennis shoes) at home. In this day and age, sadly, you don't want to stand out as an American. And second, for a 2 to 3 week trip, I take 2 pair of black pants and no more than 4 shirts. Really, noone is looking at what you wear and even if they are, if you take solid color tops in black and one other neutral color, they aren't going to remember anyway. Red? I would never take red, lol. One pair of black comfy shoes and you're good to go. Have fun!


Wow! I'm so impressed you're only taking two pairs of shoes! I always overpack even for a weekend trip. I think you're getting good advice though on no jeans and less sweaters, remember you can always pick up whatever you don't have :). Oh and how is Ahren doing? I think the last time he was single and burglarized which sounded so scary.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I so envy your your trips to Ireland. I’ve wanted to go my whole life, but somehow it has just never worked out. I wouldn’t even mind not having a dryer, I think.

Debbie R.

Have a great trip, Nicole!!

Patty Fowl

Hi Nicole, My husband and I have traveled throughout Europe, on both hiking and bicycling trips (which require different clothing than normal daytime wear) and restrict ourselves to one under-the-seat item and a 22 inch roller that we carry-on. I am always surprised how much I can fit into that roller and also find I come back with one or two things totally unworn. I usually end up bringing too many dressy items, finding things I wore to dinner could be worn again on another night. I really scale back any jewelry, streamline my cosmetics/skincare items, bring a small purse that can hold my camera. We are going to London and the Cotswolds the end of September for 2 weeks so am thinking about my clothing choices also. I always plan to wear anything bulky, like a cardigan, on the plane to save packing space. Packing cubes are key and you are lucky you will have access to at least a washer... we tend to wash out in the hotel sink! Have a wonderful trip and be safe!!

Lynn C.

The towel warmers found in many bathrooms in Europe are great places to dry undies. Wash in the sink, wrap in a towel and twist to get out most of the water and lay them on the heated bars to dry overnight. Wear the rest of your clothes several times. They don't get that dirty when traveling. Enjoy!

PS. You can always go to a launderette over there. They have dryers.

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