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August 02, 2019



Amen sister.

Chris Horne

My dentist is also up selling procedures which seem crazy. Luckily I have a sister in law who is a dental hygienist so I always call her to ask. She believes most of these new procedures are unnecessary.


My dentist and/or hygienist never dental shame me, find a new dental office. These upsells are new to me too, do you suppose the hygienist is on commission?


I just scheduled my appointment for my cleaning after about 2 And a half years...I had no dental insurance with my job. I have heard I may be facing the same shaming...I am not looking forward to it! We do the best we can they are just people trying to do a job but I wont be made to feel guilty for doing the best i can.

Sherry V.

It sounds like I am in the minority.

My dental office has never tried to up-sell my husband and I. In fact, I've brought up issues that bothered me and the dentist has said, "if it is not causing pain we won't bother it".

I also have TMJ and the dentist has not pushed me into getting the mouth guard. He always just checks my jaw movement and as long as I am not having "big" issues he leaves it alone.

The entire office knows that I only floss under duress. . . and they tell me that my cleanings would not be as intense if I flossed more often. . . but that is as far as it goes.

From the sound of it we will be making twice a year return visits so that we can keep our dentist after we move.


I had years of hating going to the dentist, but I have gotten my act together and now go twice a year because I found a better dentist. You definitely need to find a better dental practice. Good for you for not scheduling the other appointment immediately.

Barbara Anne

What you endured from the hygenist is inexcusable and very, very unprofessional.

As for the office asking for payment at time of scheduling, it used to be illegal for offices who offer service (like doctors, dentists) to "hold" your m money before serivice is rendered. Perhaps it still is illegal?

I do wish I could see what I'm typing!


Sherri Crum

You need another dentist. Used to work in a dental office--a cleaning should be scheduled for an hour. My dentist would have suggested you come back in 4 months to do another cleaning and than schedule you for every 6 month. If you start flossing or using the GUM dental picks your bleeding should stop.

Periodontal cleaning is a deep cleaning below the gums with shots for the possible pain. They schedule 4 appts to do a 1/4 of your mouth at each appt--which should be an hour.

Feel sorry for you. Crappy appointment.

Find a dentist and ask for referrals. I have referred friends to my dentist and they love him and his hygenists.

Mary Kastner

I do not like the dentist office in general. Never been a fan. This one sounds especially bad. I would definitely find a new dentist at the least for a second opinion. They are rediculous expensive too. Good luck Nicole.


Susan Ramey Cleveland

No wonder you don’t like to go to the dentist.


I haven't had that problem with a dentist, but I have had that problem with doctors. In fact at my last doctor's office, when I watch the door, there are sales people going in and out than there are patients. I kept looking until I found a doctor who wasn't like that.


So sorry for you. Hope you find a new dentist.


We had this happrntoo. My husband was told he needed $15000, yes, $15000 dollars worth of work. We went to another dentist and they did recommend the deep cleaning too, probably necessary as we are in our 60s. They were very nice. He also had a cap replaced . I don’t think that the bill will be anywhere near $15000. The first place put a lot of pressure on the sell too. We felt like we were products, not people. Sounds like you need a new dentist. Maybe you do need deep clean( and deep pockets) but you need not be shamed!


That is unacceptable. We have been fortunate in our small town to have excellent dental care at reasonable costs. The big city is two hours away with dental specialists who are also kind & patient with difficult cases. One such office actually has a tv commercial that they don't care when you last saw a dentist; they're just happy to see you now. You may have to travel a bit, but I encourage you to find another office for your dental care.

Leslie Myers

Deep cleaning is a really good idea! But do find another dentist!

Debbie R.

You need a new dentist. I've faced that kind of high-pressure tactic before. In my case they insisted I buy an electric toothbrush, from them, and if I wouldn't, they wanted me to sign a form saying that because I wasn't cleaning in their recommended way, with their recommended product, they weren't responsible for problems with my teeth. I didn't like the pressure or the shaming, and found a new dentist. Good luck!

And by the way, flossing isn't so bad :-)


I was told at a dental appointment that my teeth were going to fall out and that I was going to have no bones left, etc etc. and that they wouldn't even TOUCH me for a regular cleaning. I go every 6 months religiously. I left there in tears. I did a bunch of research on that particular dentist and found that this is "typical" for the practice that I had visited (it was one of those big "Sears" type of dental places). I had been trying to switch to a dentist closer to home. I immediately made an appointment with my previous dentist and she was like, "WHAT? NO! You don't need a deep cleaning." Now that she's retired, I haven't tried to find a new dentist yet. Ugh.

Michele Klein

Had a similar experience years ago. The dentist was one I had gone to for years but all of a sudden he had a whole new staff. They tried these tactics and were very rude. I went to a new dentist. New dentist is a no pressure kind of guy. Good luck on finding a new dentist.

Denise Wallace

Oh my goodness - that's terrible! No, I don't believe that's what's going on in the dental world in general (at least I hope not!) I've never had my dental office try to up-sell me on anything and in fact my dentist tries to come up with solutions that won't cost a fortune if possible. I've been going to my dentist for about 32 years and now really appreciate everyone in that office!! I live in fear that he's going to retire (but he just hired his -just-out-of-dental-school niece and I know he'll train her right!) Good luck with finding someone else - you don't need to be treated like that!


well, shite. that did NOT go well. Time to find a new dentist. :( I've seen the same dentist for 30 yrs so it is easy peasy. I dread the day he retires. ;p


You need to find a new dentist. Two years ago I moved to the big city and I go back to my small town dentist. It may be small town, but they are totally up to date on procedures. Good customer service is still pretty key in today's market place


My dentist doesn't do this but I face similar issues at the vet.


Find a new dentist but do consider the deep cleaning! I joke that I have the cost of a car in my mouth but I have done everything I can to keep my teeth. I have the most wonderful periodontist too. I am complimented on my excellent home care but after deep cleanings, gum grafting and most recently root amputation (don't remember the dental term of that) I've spent too much to give up now. Pockets are slowly closing.

Debbie Martin

Amen!!! I totally agree. I want my teeth cleaned but don’t need a lecture on how I keep them clean!


No all dentists aren't like this now. My dentist retired and the new guys said I needed several procedures. I decided it was a good time to change dentists. I got a second opinion and I actually did need most of it. The new guy is one my husband and daughter had had good luck with. My son got hit with the deep cleaning and lots of work needed. He got a second opinion and was told no you don't need any of that stuff. There was a good article I read about a dentist buying a practice to find the old guy was really taking the patients for LOTS of things that didn't need done. A second opinion is not too much to do. I got one for my dog knee surgery! Good luck.

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