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September 18, 2019


Mary Kastner

Your excursion looks like a lot of fun and interesting as well. Fun times!

Barbara Anne

How amazing! I've read books and seen BBC shows that mention those F&M hampers. May I have one, please and thank you? OOh, no beef in mine, btw. :)

You'll have to share that photo of you on the Quiddich broom, you know.



What an interesting store! The staircase is beautiful! The leg bone...not so much! The adorable cookie would have been a challenge to get home unbroken.

Robby H.

Oh my! I am deeply jealous just now. I went to F&M for the first time by myself and had the exact same reaction. I've found my way here and I'm never leaving.

Also, curious minds are now wishing for a Quiddich photo.


Thanks for sharing this about Fortnum & Mason it's so fun because there are a lot of english novels where people buy from them.
But now I wanna see the broomstick picture;-)

Arrowhead Gramma

Have really been enjoying these posts of your travels. They have brought back many memories of our travels to the British Isles, including F&M!

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