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September 15, 2019


Barbara Anne

Oh, what a lovely adventure!! I'm so glad you're extending the time you're "in the neighborhood" and seeing all there is to see (within reason, of course).
enjoy it all!


Mary Kastner

Sounds like a wonderful trip. That's a lot of steps! Safe travels.


Nancy Watkins

Sounds like a wonderful time and experience!


What a nice surprise to find a post on Sunday! or, was it your Monday? The cocktails look delicious! The new book sounds intriguing. Keep enjoying your trip & time with Ahren!


Blenheim Palace is worth the visit. It's Churchill's ancestral home. So glad you are having a lovely time.

Sara Fridley

Sounds like a really wonderful adventure.

Leota Krantz

Thanks so much for sharing. My ancestors are from England and I will never get over there. Enjoy every moment spent with your husband and son.


Glad you’re having a wonderful holiday. I’m in France right now and consuming far too many croissants, there is no where in Canada (that I’ve tried) where they taste as good. At least you’re doing plenty of walking, I’m not doing half as much . . .Yikes! I’ll pay the price when I get back home and return to my exercise classes. Enjoy the reminder of your trip. Karen


Loved Chevalier's "Remarkable Creatures" -- such interesting characters in her books!

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