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September 03, 2019



I had a cat that used to sit on my chair and wait for me to come. Sometimes she would get on the back and put her paw on my shoulder. She would want to be touching me. She’s gone and I miss her so Much! Such unconditional love!

Have a great trip and give your 4 legged friend an extra hug!

T Holzer

My simple pleasure is when the school bus leaves our yard and I get to sit down at my computer with a cup of coffee and cream and read my quilting blogs. It's my favourite time of day! Enjoy your time in Ireland with Ahren!!

Barbara Anne

Wise words of advice, Nicole, and we all need to be reminded to cherish the quiet, simple times.

Has Ozzie seen the suitcases yet? Each of our dogs always became mournful when the suitcases came out.

I love sitting in my grandmother's swan neck rocker and having my morning coffee there. The chair fits me perfectly as she and I are of similar stature - short!


Mary Kastner

There is definitely a change in the air. Fall is arriving. Have a safe and wonderful trip. Enjoy every minute! Ozzie will survive!



Thank you. We got to sit outside and watch a thunderstorm while our daughter was visiting last night. Wonderful evening. Wishing you a terrific trip!


Little things come at unexpected times! We had 24 hours' notice that our nephew was evacuating Florida with the oncoming hurricane. He asked if he could come visit us--are you kidding?!?! I was at the grocery store & home fixing favorite dishes so quickly I surprised myself! We're having your Chicken Noodle Casserole tonight! What a great week together but we're feeling sad for the hurricane victims in the Bahamas.


my dog acts all indignant when I make her's her world and I am just here to meet her every need. ;p


Always enjoy your posts, and thanks for the book reviews!


Thanks, Nicole, for that reminder to take time for the good and simple things. Time for a nice soothing hot cup of tea,


Ruth Reichl wrote Delicious! A wonderful, uplifting read!

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