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October 18, 2019


Barbara Anne

How marvelous that you 3 enjoyed your time in the autumn mountains so very much! Happily you had both time to sew and time to read along with those lovely hikes.

Safe journey home!



I simply love seeing this crazy dog. So happy you and your other half had some restful time time together. Life is too short not to enjoy it together.

Sherry V.

We RV a lot and always take our dog. . . .and even after a weekend trip she needs a week at home to recuperate.

On the few times that we cannot take her she is boarded where they do "nature walks" in the mountains near the kennel. . .she need 2 weeks to recuperate after those trips! LOL

Our dogs our just too funny sometimes.

Glad you enjoyed your little trip.


I'm so happy you were able to relax & spend some down-time in such beautiful surroundings! Ozzie is always a favorite subject & he didn't disappoint! Such a good boy! 🐶

Stephani in N. TX

Good for you to get away to beautiful mountains and "real feel Fall." Loved The Dutch House, looking forward to what else you're reading.

Robby H.

Ozzie has it right. Run around like crazy having fun and then it's a well earned rest. Sounds like you have a pretty good human formula, too.

Mary Kastner

It sounds like it was a good time for all. You can't beat that!



lol @ Ozzie....I hope he recovers enough to enjoy the car ride home. ;p

So glad you had a lovely trip!


I am so happy for you. Your guy, your dog, needle and thread and a book or two! Heavenly!

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