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October 08, 2019



The tea party may not have been intended to slow down & enjoy the moment but I think those things may be part of what it provided. I've been reading & seeing on tv that we need to do both in this crazy, top-speed, multi-tasking world. Tea, grocery store cookies & grapes sound perfect for enjoying conversation with friends & Fall decorations on your lovely porch!

Robby H.

Your porch looks festively seasonal. We live in an area with a lot of wind and outdoor decorating is a huge challenge, so I might be a teensy be envious.

There are tea times that are about the food and ritual and then there are the times they are about the gathering with friends.

T Holzer

It seems likes gatherings like tea parties and just getting together have gone by the wayside...everyone is just too busy being busy. Yesterday I was busy lol. Emma got her first few braces on her teeth. Its a two hour drive away to see the orthodontist, but Regina has an Indigo book store and I was able to pick up a copy of the Dutch House. It will be my "waiting at the rink" reading! Have a good one, Nicole.

Barbara Anne

Brilliant idea and am delighted it was so enjoyable for you all!

Love your decorations, too.

Our high today is forecast to be 69*F so perhaps autumn is here at last. It's so dry that the stressed trees won't be very colorful this year. We need rain!


Debbie R.

Great idea! I think I'll follow your example. You're always full of inspiration. Thanks for sharing.


I love the tea party idea and your porch looks so cozy!


I love fall weather. This is my favorite time of year!


I never think about tea until I have a cup and then it's why didn't I do this earlier. Definitely bring it back!

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