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October 02, 2019


Mary Kastner

YOu are busy getting things finished. That is a good thing. Your hair looks pretty up. I have mine so short I can practically ignore it. I am going to start a Halloween quilt today. Guess it is time-huh???? Have a great day Nicole.


Pamela Thorne

Don't forget to label your bindings so you know which quilt each one is for! I love your hair in a bun! I'm working on growing mine out now so that I can do that. Letting the gray grow out also and I'm getting so many positive comments on that.

Debbie R.

Yes, keeping track of binding fabrics is critical. Sounds like you have a system now. Bravo! I like your bun. But haircuts are wonderful for giving you that all-new, pretty feeling. Enjoy!


I had to laugh about your reference to your Grandma Agnes. My Grandma Myrtle always wore her hair pinned up. I remember so clearly, my shock when I saw her early one morning with two long braids before she'd had a chance to put it up. I was quite young and couldn't conceive the notion that "an old lady" would have braided hair!


I know it's all personal preference, but I like the light binding on the Corn & Beans quilt. The lighter edge makes a 'frame'. I'm working on a quilt for my niece's baby due in early February. I also want to try sewing with 'Minky' for the first time. But I will use that for a couple of throw pillows to go with the quilt until I get the hang of it!

Stephani in N. TX

Love your bun and sticks, looks easy. But, it can be shorter and easy too. I lacked the will to hold my arms over my head interminably for washing, blow-drying and curling iron. So it's shorter now, and love having a "bob," super easy maintenance and falls together after TX wind. My original quilt teacher always warned to cut binding immediately after a quilt was made so as to not lose the fabric by setting it in another quilt. She was right. Your system should save you that issue. Your Halloween quilt will be great. I did buy ahead to start a new quilt. I made my DIL a table mat for her BD in Sept from Riley Blake H-fabric and she loved it. So I bought scarier fabric and will get a quilt done for her BD next year. Loved that tiny skull fabric and did get some to put in my future quilt. Happy sewing and enjoy your haircut.

Barbara Anne

I also had a Grandma named Agnes! She also wore her hair in a little bun and she - like me - was petite. I have a photo of her standing between tow of her fellow garden club members and she looks like the valley between tow mountains!

Well done on finising a system that works to o keep your binding fabrics safe. I've found I prefer a dark binding and even took a light colored binding off of a wall quilt because it just bugged me. Go figure!

Happy haircut!

Hugs :)

Arrowhead Gramma

Have really been trying to make my bindings as I finish a quilt top, then putting them in a basket all rolled up with a post-it pinned to it with the name of the quilt on it. Yesterday I counted 15 rolled up in the basket. Almost all of these are for foster kids and the assisted living facility at our local hospital (no larger than lap size).


Love the blocks for this new table runner! And your hair looks nice up “in a bun”. But I know what you mean...when it’s time for a cut, it feels so good to have it done, so you can continue on with your life adventures. Enjoy your sewing!


When I retire I'm going to wear my hair in a bun every day, I can't wait! Yours is beautiful!

Diane Linford

I fell in love with your bat quilt. Boy, if you miss the opportunity to buy when everything is first out it is sure hard to gather the pattern and fabrics later on. A friend of mine scrounged and found it all. I can't wait to get started on it. I'm going to do the whole quilt though. I can't wait to see how yours turns out.


your Aunt Agnes is looking down from heaven and smiling at her much loved Nicole.

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