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October 07, 2019


Barbara Anne

I use a hoop and for letting use the stem stitch. 20+ years ago I embroidered pillow shams for my mother and enjoyed to process so very much. Why have I done no embroidery since?

My UFO handwork is a sampler barely begun in cross stitch. I'd like to get back to that. I will if you will!



As a wanna-be, I'm looking forward to reading suggestions from your commenters. I have an embroidery UFO languishing in my sewing room that really needs to be finished up!

Robby H.

Embroidery does seem to be coming back. I haven't done any since I was a teen and just had to embroider on a chambray shirt. Remember that fad?! I look forward to reading these comments since I've been thinking some about visible mending, too.

Betty Meyer

I'm certainly not a pro but I enjoy embroidery without a hoop, using valdaini thread, and because the thread is thick, I use self threading needles, or easy threaded needles. I do toss them quickly if they fray the thread. I like that I can join a group without loading up my sewing machine and all the other equipment needed in a quilting retreat.


I love embroidery. I've done a ton of it. Unfortunately, this last year arthritis has made it difficult. :(

I don't use a hoop. I prefer Cosmo thread. I use the back stitch for lettering. ;p

Linda Smith

I used to embroider much more but still do some projects. I don't use a hoop. I mostly use DMC floss or DMC perle. I use the back stitch for lettering.


Embroidery was my introduction to "crafts. I have a piece that I did when I was 10-12 years old (an eternity ago!). Then I progressed to pillowcases, remember those? Crewel came next and I have a framed piece hanging in the office. My love is quilting but I have begun to do x-stitch again. My cross stitch doesn't look as smooth, for lack of a better word, but I pick that up when watching TV if I don't have any quilting project to work on. I use DMC floss since I have a ton of it! I use stem stitch and a hoop.


I do a lot of embroidery on my wool appliqué projects. Love to use tapestry needles from Primitive Gatherings (size 24) and 12 wt. Valdani threads.

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