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October 14, 2019


Robby H.

So sorry to hear about the unnecesary expense and inconvenience to you. Hope Lake Tahoe helps you forget all about it, because it looks beautiful. Enjoy!

Barbara Anne

So sorry you and others (no doubt) lost so much food during the power outage and that your floors were damaged. Bother and bummer!

An escape to the beauty of Lake Tahoe seem just the ticket to get the he-- out of Dodge! I imagine Ozzie will add comic relief to your tranquil days. Enjoy!!


Mary Kastner

That is just an awful story about PG&E-necessary evil IMHO. It looks beautiful in Tahoe. Enjoy your vacation time. Ozzie looks very happy!


Ozzie is so happy in the picture! 🐶 That sounds & looks like a beautiful spot to spend some down time! Have a great week!


Looks like you three have a wonderful time and beautiful weather at the Lake.
And I'm glad you only were without power for a short time although the damage on the floor sounds not so good. Hope it's not too bad.

Ina Maslana

2) Lavender orange lattes???!!! I would so love!
3) hardwood floor damaged? ugh. I have tile in my kitchen bc we have always had very large dogs. my dishwasher died and leaked lots of water. 1st time I was ever happy to have tile in the kitchen. tile is very hard on old feet. ;p

Enjoy the cool weather and lovely views!


Thanks for the update! It makes us all take a moment to murmur our gratitude that everyone is safe! Time will tell if suspending power was the right move. I am glad you have found the silver lining to a frustrating situation. Take in all the beauty this season has to offer.


Enjoy your vacation - it looks like a much needed relaxing time. I'm a bit envious!


Love your blog and your quilts! Just wanted to give you a little info, PG&E is not a State or Federal government agency, it is an investor-owned utility with publicly traded stock.

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