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October 22, 2019



I work in a ministry that gives free clothes away. I find it hard to give up some of my many things even though I have seen terrible situations where women need what I have too much of. My suggestion is this - keep the shoes if only for eye candy and part with a pair every so often. Sometimes something brings back nice memories, and you deserve those.


I just moved from a house with lots of closet space (although my husband filled more of it than I did) to a two bedroom bungalow with small, inaccessible closets. What a change! I got rid of a lot! Had to laugh at your pajama comment...haven't bought them in years! My favorite pj pants are a pair with Sylvester on them that were my daughter's when she was in about 4th grade. She left them behind and I took them. They're so soft and comfy. Just for a reference point...she's turning 30 in February and has a baby of her own! I do like to hang onto things for a long time...

Mary Kastner

I "recycled" a couple of years ago and I have minimum "good clothing" now. It is fine with me but I do have to stretch a bit when I travel to make sure I have enough good stuff. It happens so rarely I can make it work. Good luck on your project!

Sherry V.

Good luck.

We are planning a move & I have to start downsizing everything. . . .been going through my quilt books & magazines and I am amazed at how many I don't want.

I'm at a loss of what to do with them. . . my library won't take anything copyrighted older than 10 years, and I have posted them on different sites with no takers.

I don't have too many clothes to go through. . .but I laughed at your comment about pj's. . .I think I have more pj's than work clothes! LOL

Have a lovely day.

T Holzer

Oh my, Nicole, I have two pair of favourite that I've worn almost every night for the past ten years! And the second pair is for Monday's when my favourite pair is getting washed! I have decided tho that I need to buy a new pair and it's on my to do list. Have you watched the Marie Kondo series on Netflix or read her books?? Amazing woman and eye opening series. Have a great day.


Oh, I so identify with your dilemma! Shoes, especially! I won't tell you how many pair I have...let's just say they're in two closets... I no longer wear heels & have found that flats can be lovely & chic but do not hurt your feet! For prior commenter, Sherry V., if there is a quilt guild in your area they often have 'free' tables at their meetings & may be happy to have your discarded books. Churches sometimes have a quilting or sewing group that may be interested, as well.


I'm in the process of of swapping out my summer things for fall and winter and I too have decided that I do not need so many clothes. I tend to wear my same favorite clothes over and over. I had 10 pairs of black slacks, why!?! I now have 3, 2 more than I probably need, lol. For your pajamas, I save my older ones for when I travel, and leave them behind as the trip progresses. It frees up much needed space in my suitcase for souvenirs, any little bit helps.


When you get finished at your house, can you come over to my house?


I hear you! I am going through the same thing as I recently retired and realize that the clothes I wore 5 days a week will be needed only 2-3 times a month now so I might as well cull down to those I like best.

I take my older pjs on vacation and throw them away at the end, freeing up room in my suitcase for any purchases (there are always some purchases, lol!). I have done the same with running shoes.

Kathleen Gentile

I just finished this process and it made me feel wonderful to purge all that excess. The shoes ARE hard to part with, but as you mentioned, my feet aren't as happy in the as they used to be. I have acquired some lovely wedge shoes that are much more comfortable, and booties are another favorite.

I have to laugh at all the ladies leaving old pjs in various places they travel. I'm afraid the old ones are the ones I soft and comfy.

Arrowhead Gramma

Did a big closet clean-out this summer when my daughter/granddaughter were visiting. All of my work and dressy clothes were up for grabs.

What they didn't want went to the thrift shop which was thrilled to receive the donation of good quality classic clothes. Shoes were gone through previously and hard as it was, the realization was that I would not be wearing 3" to 4" heels in the future.

Our lifestyles changes over the years! Good luck!!!


I do wish you luck. It is a good thing that you are doing. Very likely, as you say, once the items are out of the house, you will not miss them, but you will have a profound sense of relief that the destashing project is done. It truly is a good feeling. (Why do we acquire so much to begin with?)! Good luck!

Patricia Ludwiczak

Good for you for cleaning out! Just keep thinking of all the people who can use those beautiful clothes. I found it such a relief to donate my work clothes when I retired - it's amazing how much lighter you feel!


I use to wear heels and every thing that went with them. I now live in t-shirts, jeans, and hoodies.
I DO NOT own a jacket/coat of any kind. I live in the PNW where temps. are normally mild, and if not, add another T-shirt :-)

suzanne simpson

Hi . Suzanne from Australia again. I think we must be twins because your closet clean out resonated with me to a tee! I have been retired ( ain't it great ) 4 years now and although it was 12 months before I wore my black work pants, I still have them.I'm constantly in jeans so I rarely need to wear black formal trousers. I have clothes I have forgotten I even own, don't wear heels anymore, have too many new shoes, never worn, still in the boxes. So someone should be able to use them cause it's certainly not me. So,give them away and out of your space. Summer is coming here so it's time to review the winter clothes - I just need to do it

Stephanie Davison

I got rid of all my scrubs when I retired--some were 100% cotton and I deconstructed them to use in quilting. I actually have more clothes and more shoes now that I'm NOT working. lol Still don't have much in the way of dressy clothes--I never go anywhere dressy--but my jeans and t-shirts have multiplied.

If there is a Buy Nothing group nearby, you might think about joining, and gifting some of your clothes. It might help you weed out your shoes, too, when you actually meet the person who would wear them.

Jennifer in Indy

I was working on closet clean out this weekend too...I keep thinking I might fit back into the smaller clothes one day, so have a hard time giving stuff away, but I did clean out a lot this weekend. Maybe try Poshmark for the shoes? I’ve signed up but haven’t tried it yet...maybe on another rainy Saturday!


I really need to clean out my closet too! I have a lot of clothes that are too big for me, now that I've lost 100+ pounds. I'm afraid that if I give the up, I will gain weight and need them again. I know, its silly. But seriously, I do need to clean out my closet! I have a lot of "work" clothes, but I haven't "worked" in almost 2 years (at least not out of the house!). It goes on the list! Have a great day! You inspired me to at least put it on the TO DO list!!!

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