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October 10, 2019


Sherry V.

It might be time to think about getting a generator.

I understand being on the side of caution. . .but unless you never open your refrigerator there is bound to be food loss without electricity.

We have had diabetic dogs and my husband used insulin. . . without our generator to run the essentials (the fridge) I don't know what we would do in an extended power outage.

Guess there will be lots of time for reading outside and handwork.

Hope you make/made it through with minimal issues.

Leota Krantz

Will be thinking of you and pray it is short lived. Anything you endure is better than the devastation of a fire.


I was wondering if you would be effected by the power getting turned off in CA. I sure hope this is a very temporary and short lived situation. I know you’ll bear it with grace and goodwill and understanding, but being without power for many days would be a trial to me. Sending best wishes your way!

Barbara Anne

We have a generator so we have to have a stock of gassoline to keep it going during power outages. It keeps our frozen food frozen, so that's good.

Good luck to you and all in hte Bay area. May there be no fires.


Robby H.

Hope the impact on you is minimal. We are under red flag warnings even now, but this is ridiculous. PG&E sounds like our power company only doing the minimum of maintenance and not stringing new line when they should in a preventive way so this isn't necessary in all but the worst conditions. Must keep those dividends up. Ugh. Sending good thoughts.


Echoing another commenter, anything to avoid a fire will be worth the discomfort of no electricity. It's not fun but seems necessary right now & you sound like you're up to the challenge. Sending the good thoughts to everyone affected.

Judi Smith

I get it. Sounds like some hurricanes I’ve been through. I’m a Florida native and we have gone through days of power outages. Not fun. Glad you had advance warning to get some things together. After a while, I learned to set up some hand sewing or doing the cutting on a new project to relax. I’ve learned that taking a break from the business was nice...but not as nice as watching the light come back on!!


I am in So Cal. Hoping all of the state has a safer and quieter fire season this year. We always pull our cars out of the garage if there is an earthquake. Just in case. Hope things are going easy for you.

Arrowhead Gramma

My daughter in Northern California had no power from early Wednesday (12:30) AM to about 6:30 PM last night - though the projected wind event did not occur.

I'm in the Southern California mountains and we too may have our power cut by Edison due to the projected wind event today and tomorrow.

One of my best investments was a full house generator about ten years ago as we do have power outages during the winter snow and rain events.

Good luck and stay safe.


I hope for your sake the outages are short. Regarding your garage door opener, we have one but in a power outage, we can open the door manually from the inside (lift up the door and slide it the way you would if you didn't have a power opener, like in the "olden days") and it does not require amazing strength.


Wish you good luck! And perhaps your governments needs to invest more money in power lines instead of new weapons and stupid walls;-)


yep. the day time won't be bad for you because you can still read and do things around the can even work on that embroidery while on the porch. ;p it will be at night that will suck. see you on the other side.....


We'll see you on the other side! All the best for a quick return...


Your garage door should have a rope with a red handle. Just pull on that and it will release the locks and you can put the garage door up like it was a manual door.


How do the local businesses operate? I worked at a bank, and when the power was off, we were pretty useless. Hope it does not last too long.


I don't understand why Hildy would need to comment about "your government" and "new weapons and stupid walls'. Let's please keep politics off of Nichole's page. Especially if you don't live in this country. Good luck Nicole. I hope this time goes quickly.

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