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October 15, 2019


Nancy Watkins

What? Ozzie doesn’t like water? Beautiful pictures!

Barbara Anne

How lovely and am delighted you and DH got to enjoy the beauty of autumn!

How funny that Ozzie is having so much fun - except that big water. Who would have thought this trip would bring him so much joy and good naps?
Great photos!



Beautiful pictures. What a fun trip.

Mary Kastner

It looks like you three are having a wonderful time. Enjoy!


Sherri C

We took our Giant Schnauzer to Lake Tahoe. Great walks, He too was afraid of the water at first--until a trip to Parker, AZ where he got to ride on a boat and learned to swim in the river.

Love Ozzie pictures!


Your boy is loving life on vacation! I'm surprised he's shy around the water! I understand your enjoyment this time of year at Tahoe. Fall is also my favorite season because of the beautiful colors & less traffic is our tourist town in the Rockies..


Looks like a beautiful part of the country!


OZZIE! what a lovely view....I'm jealous. ;p

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