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November 22, 2019



Eva is so grown up and beautiful! LOL about her "melting away" out of her clothes and falling into bed!

Our Thanksgiving is being turned on its head and we're having pot roast and scalloped potatoes instead of turkey and dressing. Rebels! :)


That's a beautiful-already-growing-up picture of Eva! Time is flying by & it's so nice that you took her to a show that she'll always remember! You two are wonderful grandparents for your little princess! You should frame the 'before & after' pictures for her to display when she has a house of her own!

Carla B.

Heart warming story filled with what will become fond memories for all parties. Thank you for sharing a great holiday story along with a ‘perfect word picture’.


What a beautiful young lady. Would you please, please tell her not to grow up too fast. I love her beautiful dress with shoes to match. Her eyes appear green in the pic too.
I know it was a magical evening and one that none of you will soon forget. It looks like the clock struck midnight and the evening was over! PJ's and bed.


1) I LOVE that's the only 'reality' t.v. I watch. The guy that won this season is just awesome!

2) Eva looks so lovely all dressed up!

3) Make sure there is wine while you are cooking....I justify opening a bottle of champagne by 2:00 p.m. bc I'm cooking.

Have a lovely holiday...can't wait to see your tree up. ;p

Leota Krantz

Wow. Your granddaughter is gorgeous. I pity her mother when the boys start calling.

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