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November 27, 2019



Oh, so sorry! Happy that you and your home are ok! Happy Thanksgiving


Glad the house and your lovely things were fine. Did you think to call the manufacturer and see if they can recommend anything (other than purchase a new pan). Glad you still have your sense of humor. Happy Thanksgiving.

T Holzer

Very scary, Nicole! Yikes.


Look at it this way- One more thing to be thankful for! Seriously though, I’m really glad to hear that aside from the lamp, some smoke and a scorched copper pan, there wasn’t any “real” damage. Some of these suggestions may hep with the pan- . Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


I'm so glad your house is ok! That had to be scary. Happy Thanksgiving, Nicole!

Robby H.

Oh my, that was quite a day. You may not want to try this until after Thanksgiving, but here is how I clean anything scorched on a pan (and I work in a volunteer kitchen where this is not a rare occurrence). Fill the pan with water to cover the scorched food and set it to boil. Once it reaches a boil, turn it down to a low boil and sprinkle generously the scorched areas with baking soda - this will bubble and spit a lot, so be careful. Once that stops, turn off the pan and let it sit to cool. Much of the scorched on food will usually come off pretty easily, although a repeat round is sometimes required. If it is more marks in the pan, Bon Ami and Barkeeper's Friend are good, but rinse them off immediately because they contain an acid that shouldn't sit on a surface. If you're trying to get the copper shine back, that's a job for a cut lemon half and table salt as a scrub. This takes elbow grease, but really brings back the copper. Hope there's something useful here.

Stephani in N. TX

Nothing like "jumping" through hoops to get ready for family to come for dinner. It looks lovely in the end and your "story" can be put to rest with laughter. Your son-in-law maybe won't be put off by the Indians in your vignette. Most Americans probably forget they were even there and you actually have given them a nod. Happy Thanksgiving.


Here's some good advice from Texas A&M about getting the smell of smoke out of the house. I've used the vinegar trick when I had a pan fire like yours, as well as the activated charcoal. Good luck, and Happy Thanksgiving!


What a stressful day! Your centerpiece looks great and I'm sure everyone will enjoy the celebration. Happy Thanksgiving.


You know I'm wondering about Ozzie! Was he home by himself in the smoke-filled house?? I'm thankful the only casualties were a lamp & a pot. Robby H. had some great suggestions for cleaning that copper pot! Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family! 🦃


Scary story. I'm glad that things turned out well. For that pan you might want to try Bar Keepers Friend. My husband swears by this product!


O.M.G. thank goodness the house didn't catch fire!

open a bottle of wine and rejoice!


one other thing, I use the boiling water and baking soda technique to clean mt Dutch oven. Soaking it isn't enough. I've found that I still have to scrub with a wooden spoon while water is still hot.

Dale Monk, New Zealand

Have always used Worcestershire Sauce to clean up copper, sprinkle on and rub with soft cloth. May need more than a single application, but have managed to clean some dubious pans!
Happy thanksgiving in more ways than one.

Mary Kastner

Happy Thanksgiving Nicole! Hope all is calm for you now.


I am so glad you and your house are safe and sound! Your house is beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving!

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