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November 11, 2019


grace thorne

specialty repair people are a dwindling group for sure...the walmart philosophy of making things cheap, toss and replace when they malfunction is rampant...a more enlightened and educated society has lost its common sense and practicality...

Mary Kastner

I am so glad you knew where to go to get these clocks fixed. They are very nice ones. I am ready for some rain around here and none in the forecast yet. Have a good week Nicole.


Our grandmother clock said 10:00 for years because there are no clockmakers in our area. A traveling one charges $500. just to look at your clock & the nearest shop is a 5-hour drive. My husband was home while I was at a quilt retreat last year & with help from YouTube videos, he fixed it! I figured it was broken anyhow, so go for it! More recently, he did the same with a friend's cuckoo clock! I suppose that's what it's come to. Either toss & replace or go to the internet & hope for the best!

Debbie R.

Those little churn dash blocks are nice!
How great to have found a clock repair person. Enjoy your newfound — or regained — time!


those tiny churn dash blocks are adorable! why is tiny so cute? ;p

I especially love that clock that belonged to your in-laws. so beautiful and graceful.

Nancy Watkins

I love your clocks!


You have a gift of seeing beauty around you. That is a gift in this too busy world. Churn dash is one of my favorite blocks.


What a great view from your porch! I'd want to sit out there for hours. Glad to hear that you found a clockmaker. I agree that it must be one of those dying trades, like shoe repair. Your tiny blocks are cute. Looking forward to seeing the completed project.


Thanks for sharing little bits of your daily life. There is beauty everywhere! Clocks, vintage ones that tick-divine!

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