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November 06, 2019



That is a pretty quilt, thanks for sharing the link. It is tempting to get the holiday decorations out now.

Cathy McMann

Great minds think alike! I bought the kit for that quilt at my LQS's holiday open house a few weeks ago. I plan to make it in time for Xmas 2020, though I think it can be used year 'round.

I'm hosting a cookie exchange party at my house on Dec. 3 so decorations are going up the day after Thanksgiving.

Nancy Watkins

What a beautiful quilt! Going to go download the pattern right now. Thanks for the tip! Decorate before as well enjoy the beauty of it all for awhile!

Robby H.

I know a lot of people around here are already talking full speed ahead with the holidays. Perhaps it is the fact that a week ago we had our fourth snow of the season, which is about double our usual number at this point. At our house, Christmas lasts through 12th Night. Glad you're getting your sew-jo back, on whatever you're in the mood to sew!

Mary Kastner

Love the quilt. Great planning ahead Nicole. You will be so ready!


where did you find that cute lantern?


Glad to hear that you got your quilting mojo back! That will be a quick Christmas quilt project. I love the shades of reds in the Cinnaberry line and the fabrics are not too Christmasy so you could have it displayed all year round! Cute lantern, by the way.


It's like flipping a switch when that sewing mojo comes back! The lantern is darling & I say why not put it out now? I agree that Thanksgiving seems 'late' this year!


We just got back from Walt Disney World. When we arrived last Wednesday we had our pictures taken with pumpkins and on Saturday watched the Christmas Castle lighting and had our picture taken with Christmas trees! I'm in the mood after 3 days of listening to Christmas carols! My daughter came home from work yesterday and her boyfriend had set up their little tree...decorating will be this weekend. Yeah, we tend to push the season, although since we just moved, we haven't managed to put the Christmas boxes away yet, so maybe we won't bother, will just decorate the new house! :)


1) THAT LANTERN!!! It would look so lovely in an entryway or on my mantle.

2) Your glass snowmen are my favorite!


I decided today that I'm putting out the tree and decorations on November 23-24 weekend. That's one month to Christmas Eve and I don't think that's too early. I like to shop on Thanksgiving weekend and usually I cram decorating and shopping all in to one weekend. This will spread it out longer and I'll have the whole month of December to enjoy all of it. I say enjoy it whatever way you please and don't listen to the Scrooges out there!
Thanks for sharing the pattern!


I really like the lantern! Where did she find it?

Jill Miles

I'm also interested in where your daughter found the lantern.


I love reading about everyone's Christmas traditions. We take our Christmas tree down on 6 January - the day the Three Wise Men visited baby Jesus. My Mum and Dad are English and I've just followed on from their tradition.

T Holzer

In the mood is a good thing!!


LOL! I'm still trying to pack all the Halloween stuff back into bins and into the shed! In my defense, however, I always do a big yard haunt, and the Trick or Treaters didn't come around til Saturday night, because of the weather, and the local high school football game on Fri. night.

I always intend to get my house done up Thanksgiving weekend, but it just seems to take me so long, I never make it. I like Audrey's idea of putting it up the week before Thanksgiving. Maybe then it'll be done by Dec. 1!

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