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November 25, 2019


Diane Linford

This is so funny, and exactly what happens to me. Although the last few years I have pared down and cut back on what I display for the holidays, so that helps. Good luck with everything! Happy Thanksgiving!


Your tree looks lovely. We do put a lot of pressure on ourselves, don't we?

Stephani in N. TX

...and you know what, Scarlett was right. Right at the beginning of the crazy season, I left home for a week in Costa Rica where it was hot and humid every single day. Going out of country makes you forget everything else. On my return, some neighbors have pumpkins out front and the house next door is seriously lit up for Christmas. My kiddos won't return home until a week before Christmas. So, manana may be my mantra, for a little while anyway. Your house will be lovely, I'm sure.


The past couple of years we've had two young dogs who couldn't be trusted with Christmas decorations. That forced us to limit what we put out. They're 2 ½ now but we're still going to be minimalist in our decorating. We had to give ourselves permission to not stress about it & nobody is worse off because of it!


lol at hubby finding more and more decorations to bring in! ;p have to say, that upstairs tree looks really lovely.

Linda Kay Smith

I thought I had quite a few candles, but, WOW, you really do. We're cutting back this year on how many decorations get put out. We have limited space and we have a grandchild now that is interested in checking out every thing so another reason to limit it.
Have fun finishing your decorating!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

I just came home with a smaller tree. :-) I am thinking it is time to limit my decorating too...although I do love it when the house is so festive! LOL


I had a good laugh with my coffee this morning imagining your husband rolling in his wagon filled with yet more bins of decorations! At least you have your great assistant, Eva, to give you a hand. Your upstairs tree is beautiful. Over the years, I have realized that enjoying the time preparing for a celebration is more important than worrying and stressing and doing too much.

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