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November 04, 2019


Diane Linford

I always love your reviews! Keep them coming!

Barbara Anne

Duly noted and thank you!



I love your book recommendations. I read The Dutch House based on your review, and completely agree - it is one of the best books I’ve read this year. Thanks for sharing these reviews with us.

Mary Kastner

Thank you for all the reviews- very helpful!

Cathy McMann

I read the Dutch House on your earlier recommendation and it was wonderful! I'll add these others to my to-read list.

I read Evvie Drake Starts Over and recommend it highly.

Linda Kay Smith

I must agree with you on "This Tender Land". I finished it a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed it. It was really different and hard to put down.

I also read "The Winter Cottage" and enjoyed it. It was an quick read.

Thanks for your recommendatons.

Denise Briese

I started following your for the quilting and I live for these posts, I have read many of your recommendations. Thank you

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