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December 20, 2019



Merry Christmas Nicole! Enjoy your family at this most wonderful time of the year. Don't work too hard. My daughter (1 of 4) is coming home Sat. for the week. She just announced that she is pregnant due in June. So excited about this first grandbaby in our family.


Happy Holidays Nicole and enjoy your holidays with family. Love your zipper bag and can see where this is going...need to try in January!

Mary Kastner

Merry. Christmas Nicole to you and your family. Enjoy it all!


grace thorne

i already have the menu requests from my busy weekend for me!


What a fun evening for Eva to entertain her friends! That's a great idea! My sister just asked me to email her a favorite recipe because they're at their vacation house & unexpected family will be joining them. That means favorite family recipes need to be on the Christmas table! you said, 'the things we do'!


1) cookie party is a GREAT idea

2) what time is dinner? I haven't had clams in years....

Jane Eilderts

Cute bags! I am making some after the holidays so anxious to see your tutorial. What size lobster clasps did you use? Have a great holiday with your family!

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