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December 23, 2019



I usually use blanket stitch however if I'm going to do a lot of stitchery on a piece I'll whip stitch as it is less busy.


Cute Snowman and right proper for your mug matt....enjoy your sons visit and "Happy Holidays"

Vikki W

I think it depends on the look you are going for. Whip stitching uses less thread and gives a more primitive look to a project. I prefer the blanket stitch, but remember Nicole--there are no stitching police. It's your project, experiment, do what you feel comfortable with, and have a heck of a lot of fun! Merry Christmas!


I use the blanket stitch mostly now even on the small pieces but started out with the whip stitch. As you progress, you will know what look you like best. Your snowman looks awesome so far.


Cute snowman! I don't have a lot of wool stitching experience, but many who do seem to favor the blanket stitch. Personally, I like the look & there are no quilt police so do what makes you happy!

Linda Kay Smith

I haven't done wool applique in a while but I usually use a blanket stitch. You should use whatever stitch you think looks good. Have fun.


Really adorable!


My personal preference for wool appliqué is the blanket stitch. Your candle mat looks really cute!


So cute! I think the blanket stitch is more common but either is nice so it’s really just what compliments your piece the best. Your stitching looks great.


I use blanket stitch on larger pieces but for really little pieces, i prefer the little whip stitch. It looks neater to me.

Kristie L Midgley

Love how your mat turned out - and welcome to the world of wool appliqué! I’m addicted ;)

I typically do blanket stitch for most pieces and adjust the thread weight to match the size of the piece. Valdani #12 is my go to thread size, but I’ve even used a single strand of floss if the piece is very small. I like having a finished edge around the wool. For thin stems, I do a cross stitch.

Merry Christmas!

Jennifer in Indy

Your snowman is great! I don’t do much wool embroidery, but usually blanket stitch when I is usually what is called for in the pattern and I am the type who usually follows directions :)

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