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December 27, 2019


Robby H.

That sounds like a perfect combination of family festive chaos and quiet down time for reflecting and relaxing. Wishing you as much as you need of both.

Mary Kastner

It all sounds wonderful Nicole. I got a new robe and pajamas to boot. I did really need one. All in all a very nice Christmas here as well. Happy New Year 2020 Nicole. Can you believe it??



That all sounds like a wonderful time celebrating & being with the ones who you love & who love you! That was nice Ozzie got some time with your Dad, but I imagine he was overwhelmed outside his little world. Get ready because here comes 2020!!

Diane Linford

What a beautiful family you have! I have spent a lot of time reading the last few days. That won't last forever because of real life, but I'm basking in it while I can!

Jane Eilderts

What a great time-and doing nothing sounds good too! I have done next to nothing the past couple days-except to plan my quilting goals for 2020. I can work and be busy when my kids leave and the house it quiet again,😢

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