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December 16, 2019



Everything looks beautiful and do like your snowmen too! 9 days is quite a few days to make a lot of things …(maybe)???? Good luck;)))

Gwen Ferderer

Your décor is awesome! I think your snowmen are adorable. I have some creepy looking elves for stockings to hang on that I haven't used for years. Just looked at them again and they are still creepy! Nice job on the applique piece so far!

Roseanna Jakubowski

First off, your holiday decor looks beautiful. The Santa ornaments on the tree are stunning. The Snowmen are, um, unique. :o) But, um, while looking at the Snowmen the first thing that caught my eye was in the first pair a little something that looked a little X rated. But then I realized the artist did put another snowball down there with a face and it is actually his nose?? Has this been brought up before or am I just a weirdo? HaHaHaHaHa. Too funny. I sure had a laugh.

Mary Kastner

Love all the snowmen! Enjoy your family and the holiday season Nicole!


Your piece for the appliqué is very pretty! I'm sure you're anxious to start on that! Your decorating is always beautiful & it's easy to see that the Christmas spirit is alive & well in your home! It will be fun to make a few of those triangle bags this week!

Cathy McMann

Beautiful holiday table! I keep meaning to try some zippered bags but won't get to it this month. My mom arrives Friday and I need to convert the sewing room back to guest room before her arrival.

Terri M

Not only do I think that tree is the coolest I just love your snowmen. Merry Christmas


I think your house is festive and just gorgeous. You certainly have a knack for putting it all together.
I think we have similar tastes as I love the snowmen and have several of debbee thibault folk art folks too. Even one of your snowmen. I definitely went through a folk art phase and while I don't purchase anymore, I still like what I have.
Enjoy the season!! January sewing time is coming!!


THose snowmen are my FAVORITE! Years ago you pointed me to the artist and I bought many ornaments from her as gifts for myself and for 2 close friends. She went out of business several years ago. :(

Since your family does not appreciate the melting snowmen, please put me in your will and leave them to me, okay? I promise to cherish them always and pass them down as heirlooms with credit to you. ;p

The tree looks lovely, too.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I absolutely love the snowmen.


Your snowmen are adorable -- they look like they are full of mischief!!

Honestly, I am obsessing over your classy Christmas china -- would you mind sharing what the pattern name is?

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