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December 11, 2019



I know nothing about wool applique, so I will look forward to reading responses from your followers. This project is really cute, and I'm sure it will go well with all your gorgeous decorating.


I have that pattern too but have not done it. I have done quite a bit of wool projects and find that the applique pressing mat helps. I buy a lot of my wool from fiddlestix on etsy and primitive gatherings. I am not a fan of the hand-dyed very much so opt for the mill-dyed mostly. Primitive gatherings has a book on embroidery stitches that has really helped me since I now like the more difficult projects. I also bought a bunch (I mean a bunch!) of wool thread to stitch with but find that I like the floss best for stitches. The wool breaks too easily. Can't wait to see your finished project!


I admire wool appliqué & many of the local quilters do some very elaborate pieces. I know some of them go to local thrift shops in search of wool garments to deconstruct! I, too, will look forward to reading suggestions here & to seeing your projects!

Jody Randall

I've done lots of wool applique. I buy pieces of wool and also kits. I've even gone to the thrift store and bought 100% wool skirts for under $5, washed to felt the wool then took apart to use as backgrounds. I have also bought wool from Winterberry Cabin - she has beautiful hand dyed wools and very reasonably priced. I fuse my wool so use Softfuse for that.


You can find wool at the Prmitive Gatherings website. Also Valdani threads.
And she has a new book just for wool stitching!

Vikki Weisensel

Absolutely, positively the BEST how-to book on the market is Wool, Needle & Thread by Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings published by Martingale!!! I've taken a couple of classes with her and she doesn't hold back and this book covers it all. Lisa is so willing to share all her knowledge, techniques, and tips. A couple of her quilts have also been top winners at AQS shows! Her wool and needles are the best too. She has 2 shops--Wisconsin and Murrieta, CA. So this is what I recommend: buy her book, a package of Lite Steam-a-Seam 2, an ultra-fine Sharpie marker, Valdani #12 pearl cotton in colors to match your wool, size 24 chenille needles, and a 100% wool pressing mat. Everything is available from Primitive Gatherings. You will also need a great pair of scissors and an iron with lots of steam holes because wool loves steam. No, I don't work there, no I don't get a commission. I just believe to experience success with any hobby it pays to have the best supplies and tools. Then take the time to read through her book and get started and ENJOY!

Sherri C.

I have a friend that works at The Olde World Quilt Shoppe on Cave Creek Road in Phoenix, AZ. They specialize in wool and have a huge online following. They have the best kits according to my friends that take classes there. Check them out.


Looking forward to following your progress. I have wool fabric and the book Wool, Needle, and Thread. I need to start. Just not enough minutes in the day for my want to do's. I do need a project for a busy go bag.


Great shop in Menasha, Wisconsin owned by Lisa Bonjean. They do mail order. The shop has tons of wool items


I second everything Vicki recommended! I too have the January snowman you’re considering making (actually have all twelve of the patterns in the series). I was planning on working on it over the holidays to have it ready for January, and work on each of the others a month in advance to get them done! I’ve only had the patterns for @ 5 years now... kind of startled me to see you’re working on the same thing I chose to work on considering the age of the patterns! Great minds think alike, they say!


Besides Primitive Gatherings there is another nice vendor, Wool 'n Needle. PG also has a shop near Temecula. I love working with skool but my hands aren't cooperating with much hand work lately. I have done it in my machine using a blanket stitch. Can't wait to see your new projects!

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