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December 06, 2019



I have decided to just buy the remade pie crusts in the refrigerated section of the store. You let them warm up and unroll them. Perfect pie crust every time! I have also made the ‘PT in the Pan’ Amish pie crusts thatuse oil, not butter. They are great foe one crust pies. I buy almost NO PROCESSED FOODS By this is so very convenient for pot pies,etc. t find the Walmart brand as good as Pillsbury at half the price. Thanks fir sharing. Happy holidays!


After the pie crust is mixed, ball it up, cover with plastic wrap and put in the refrigerator. The butter and shortening will solidify and make rolling out the crust much easier.

Robby H.

When I use the food processor to help with pie crust, I only use it up to the part where I add water. At that point, I turn it into a bowl and add less than half the ice cold water, then I add water by tablespoons (sometimes only a teaspoon or two as I get near done)until the dough comes together. Of course, sprinkling the water over the dough mass means you can knead/turn it less for tenderness. You'll get there, and what a great use of leftover turkey!


Nicole, I know all of us have our suggestions on pie crust, but pie dough is an individual matter. It can be love/hate. I will make ahead and freeze in ziplock bags. My favorite is made with Vodka. It substitutes for part of the water. I do think that weighing the flour rather than measuring the flour adds to the success. Hope this helps.


Your pie is so pretty and festive. May have to borrow your idea.
I'd say that crust is a success. WTG, major yum!


I use the King Arthur Flour Pie Crust recipe which calls for butter. The crust always turns out perfect and tastes delicious. I stopped using shortening years ago. I like using butter as it is natural and I believe it is better for us than shortening.


You picked a great time of year to experiment with pie-baking! The turkey quiche looks pretty & sounds really delicious! I'll bet that your family is more than happy to do 'tastings' for you!


that looks delicious! more pies for xmas!


My next-door neighbors had little angel candle holders on top of the piano that always spelled LEON at Christmas. I think I was in about the 4th grade when I figured out that they should have been NOEL! Ha!


I have an ATK pie dough recipe that subs vodka for some of the water. Don’t know if that’s in the book. I really like it because you can get enough liquid for easy rolling but the alcohol burns off while baking so it doesn’t get doughy. I recommend trying that one if it’s included. You have a yummy looking result anyway!


I rely on Nick Malgieri's crust recipe which has never failed me; the trick for me is to make it by hand with a pastry blender. The one time I tried it with a food processor it turned out tough.

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