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December 04, 2019



Still out here and love reading your posts....your pie looks yummy! Happy Thanksgiving and keep baking!


I look for a post from you several times a week and am disappointed when you haven't posted! I so appreciate your blog.

Interestingly, my daughters and I asked a dear friend of my mom's to help us learn to make pies a couple weeks ago. She is retired and started to bake pies as a hobby - quite often making up to 200 pies in a weekend. Her dough and apple pie recipes were very basic. I was so afraid she'd be one of those cooks who uses a dab of this and a dab of that. The pies turned out perfectly and we learned great tips.

If your pie-making adventure doesn't turn out the way you hope, email me; and I can share the recipes and her tips. After years of frustration making a pie, I now feel very comfortable working with the dough. I wish I had contacted her a long time ago!!

Linda Enneking

Yours is the first Blog on my list every morning because I enjoy it so much. Good luck with your pie baking. I have had good success with the recipe on the Libby canned pumpkin label. It calls for cinnamon, ground cloves and ginger instead of pumpkin pie spice so you can adjust according to your taste. At least that was the case fifty years ago when I first saved the label. I will be watching for tips on how to make pecan pie.

Jane Eilderts

Yes, I read your blog too and look forward to each post! Thanks for sharing with us!

Carla B.

I absolutely love the Libby’s Pumpkin pie recipe. Since it’s now just hubby and me left at home, I hadn’t made a pie in years!!! (I’m gluten intolerant). A DIL suggested that I use Pillsbury Pie Crust found in the refrigerated section of the grocery store. Hubby said it was OK, but boy was I disappointed in the results. I grew up in a family that always used Lard when making the crust. The crust is so darned tasty, and light and flaky. My DIL suggestion had come when I lamented that I couldn’t find Lard in the grocery store just before the holiday.

Right after the holiday, I did a search to find a local,store that sold lard. Boy, was I surprised to find out I would have to drive 43 miles to find a store. I had no idea it was taken off the shelf. Yup, then did a Amazon search. Found it there and will be ordering some.

For anyone who ends up using lard for their pie crust (best ever), here is some tips.

🥣 Use one of the silicone mats and the new rolling pins. (Love mine as no pie dough sticks to it and easy clean up)

🥣. Do Not handle the dough with your hands as that makes the dough tougher. I used to put it on a piece of waxed paper to form it into a ball. That way I could squeeze until I had it like I wanted. Then cut in half if making a double crust pie. I always used the old Betty Crocker pie crust recipe

So now I’m in the same boat as you and need to practice making pie crust again. Love to read your posts

Mary Kastner

You would definitely be missed by me Nicole. I hope you can continue your blog for a long long time. I am having troubles getting into the "spirit" this year so believe it or not you are pushing me along. Have a great busy day!


Robby H.

I love that you got to compare turkey preparation styles. One year, my cousin just insisted on deep frying the turkey (when this was a hot new thing). As a precaution, my aunt made her also roast one. We were in turkey heaven that year.

I think the tricky thing about pie making is that it is one of those skills that needs a fair amount of practice and unless you're plowing 'the north 40' regularly, most of us don't really need to eat pie on a regular basis. Good news is that once you develop the skills they come back pretty easily when you want to use them. I look forward to reading about your pie adventures.

Barbara Groeschell

Love your blog and discussions of quilting, family, food, life and BOOKS. I don't do Instagram so especially like the book recommendations.

When my parents married in 1937, my mother promised to make a pie every day for my father She kept that promise for many years. Sadly my father developed diabetes and that put an end to daily pies.

Jody Randall

I'm out here too reading your posts!


I check your blog first thing each morning looking forward to whatever you feature that day! Your quilting skills are inspiring & over the years I've given your recipes a try many times. We also had two turkeys this year, but both were roasted in the oven for the crowd who joined us. I use the Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook (1970's edition) pie crust recipe with good success. Using solid Crisco & allowing the dough to chill for a couple of hours works well for me.

Debbie R.

You definitely have dedicated readers, so thanks for taking the time to blog, whether it's a lot or a little. It's all appreciated!
Good luck with the pie making. It's on my list of things to learn, too.


Don't let seasonal depression get you down! Of course you have constant readers. You are the first one I check. You are the first quilt blog (or any blog for that matter) that I discovered years ago when I renewed my interest in quilting.
The turkey options sound great. Ours was good, but we eat at someone else's house - so we don't have the leftovers that are prized.
I look forward to seeing your Christmas decorations!


keep baking those pies aren't great either so I bake cakes. ;p

2 turkeys? you better start looking for leftover turkey recipes.....


I just love your please don't go away! As for pie making, I learned when I was growing up on the farm. I still use my Grandmother's pumpkin pie recipe and it is so yummy. Email me if you want a copy. As for the crust it takes a bit of skill but once learned, you will be good to go. I have a wonderful pecan pie recipe too, from a close friend. It's my job to bring the pies for every family gathering now. Hope you have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!


When it comes to baking pies, it's all in the recipe. Thanksgiving, a few years back, someone came up with the idea of a pecan pie challenge. (Of course I won, or I would not be bringing it up!) Several of the pecan pies had cinnamon, bourbon, chocolate or some other strange ingredient and one was really "gritty" like the sugar hadn't cooked properly. I try to keep my pies simple and traditional. Keep looking for that perfect recipe and don't be shy about asking another baker for a recipe of something you really enjoyed.


I am fairly new to your blog, but I love it. I keep it open on my desktop so I can see when you post.
I have been baking pies for years and once I found and perfected my crust recipe it is our go to dessert. Definitely a pie family. My crust has mostly butter, but also 1/4th lard and 1/4th crisco. The butter brings a nice flavor and the lard and crisco make it tender and flaky. I also add egg/water/vinegar. When a holiday is coming up, I make several batches of crust and roll them out and freeze them. Makes the pie creating task so much faster when you are busy getting ready for guests. Crust is something that takes a feel, you know from experience what feels right. Happy to share.

Kerry Linklater

Always reading your blog!!! Love it!!! What do you want to know pie making? I learned from the best -my wonderful mother-in -law! I have lots of recipes and tips to share!


please keep posting, I just love your blog and read it regularly


I love your blog and read it faithfully! I’m horrible at leaving comments, though, shame on me. I predict you’ll enjoy your new cookbook. I don’t have that one but I have The Perfect Cake and several others. I find ATK very reliable and interesting reading, too. Your chocolate pie looks great!

Peggy B

Love reading your blog, please don't ever stop. I especially enjoy hearing the books you're reading - although you and I do have different tastes LOL! Thanks for checking in.


Look forward to each of your posts! From Ozzie's antics to quilting. Find "things I'm loving" so useful; an example is the oxo ground meat chopper. I bought one and loved it. Now use for a hostess gift/stocking stuffer. Got me thinking about the pie cookbook now--

p.s. Had a hard time putting down "The River".


I still watch for a post from you and I'm still reading! My Mother was the best pie baker and made her own crust. She used cold milk in the crust instead of water, I think it helped to brown the crust nicely. I used Pillsbury crusts for Thanksgiving and I was quite disappointed. I will go back to making my own crusts, it's not that hard or time consuming.
I do want to thank you for sending me to Christopher Allen!!! I enjoyed his Vlogmas last year so very much and am enjoying them this year also. I also appreciate your book recommendations and read many of them. Thank you!


Nicole - you have LOTS of readers! Me too, I look forward to it every day. Many good suggestions for pie crust. Like Audrey I use milk and oil for my pastry; the recipe is in the Better Homes & Gardens (red plaid notebook) book from the 70's.

barbara woods

still here


I read your blog, I just don't comment a lot. Your chocolate pie (my favorite) sure looks wonderful! I rarely make a pie, but, when I do, I wonder why I don't make them more often because they really aren't all that hard. I like to use real lard - makes for a flakier crust. Good luck with the pie baking in the new year!

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