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December 13, 2019



I HATE when the instructions are no good. What are we paying fir? Glad you didn’t run out of fabric due to inaccuracies. I am just getting into wool appliqué. It’s hard as I need to order everything online. Love that little pattern. Happy holidays!

T Holzer

It for sure your lack of sewing!!! lol. It's so frustrating when a pattern is wrong. It just wastes time and fabric, heh?!? Have a great weekend, Nicole.

Sherry V.

Ok, I don't know why there is a diagonal seam in the corner square, but the diagonal seams in the top center make sense since they create the star points.

I had a table runner kit that the directions were so badly written that I ended up just looking at the pictures to figure out how to make it.

Hang in there. . . .


I don't see why there would be a diagonal seam in the top left corner square either. Obviously someone goofed! It will make a very nice block when finished!


It's a printing error, because the right side center star point column doesn't have the diagonal lines on it and the left center column has the wrong diagonal line. It seems they shifted the diagonal lines 1 column to the left.


Pattern writers need to take a lesson from Carrie Nelson's 'Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.'! They're always clear & easy to understand with plenty of notes & extra 'hints'. I see 'Sister's Choice Quilts' is sitting at #1 on the blog list...but your readers already know that's what you are!


I think they should have someone make the pattern after the instructions are written to see how it turns out. I do love Buttermilk Basin's store but struggle with their kits too. It seems like there isn't enough material to do what the instructions say. I can't wait to see it finished as I can learn from you what I shouldn't do!! I just finished the snowmen trio bowl pillows kit and really like them.


I love Buttermilk design but have had the same experience you are having. argh! I read all the comments about wool applique the other day. I didn't comment bc I am new to this. I'm working on an adorable Halloween pattern by Buttermilk and a large snowman by Buttermilk.

I'm interested in hearing what your experience is using the fusible. I've tried Vielene and Steam a Seam 2 light. They are both light but the fusible does not want to stay fused when applied to wool on wool. :( I've had to do a lot of touch-up with Roxanne's Glue. I'm using my Steady Betty to press.

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