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December 05, 2019



Your fireplace and mantel look so festive and the garland is gorgeous. I'm sure that cutting the wire was one of those moments when you'd like a "do over", but the fairy lights will look great.


'LEON'??? 'LEON'????? I'm sitting here looking at pictures before I read trying to figure out whose initials those are! I got 'Eva' & 'Nicole' but WHO are 'L' & 'O'???? I can totally understand how the lighting wire was accidentally cut!! Anyhow...your new decor is very pretty, lights or not!

Stephani in N. TX

Pretty, pretty, pretty, really well done! Sorry about the wires. My boys would do the same thing with those letters, I can just see it!

Becky Turner

Check YouTube there are quite a few videos on repairing "cut' Christmas tree lights... guess why I know to

Mary Kastner

It looks wonderful Nicole! Happy Holidays!


It's a beautiful mantle! And I'm so sorry about the wrong cut...I think that's something my husband would do! I would take a big chance and call the Balsam Hill people and tell them the truth. Who knows, maybe they might replace it in the Christmas Spirit? Or give you a discount on another?


lol @ L.E.O.N. I like Sara's sense of humor. Dang. I am sorry about the lights in the garland. That really is a bummer. :(

I love your lantern with the barn. I don't know where Sara found those but they are really lovely. I spent yesterday decorating our tree. Stockings are up but nothing else is done. ;p

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

You know, that is exactly something my hubby would have done...and has done in the past with other cords! LOL I love the new look. LEON threw me too. :-) Have a great weekend!


The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I can remember Kate telling Sara that if an ornament doesn't hang right just trim the branches below it so it does. She got out a pair of garden snips and, you guessed it, cut right through the Christmas light Kate had just strung up on the tree.

To Kate's credit she didn't kill her.

Happy Leon to you!! Haha!

Robby H.

I'm sorry about the garland. I think that is the sort of thing any of us can imagine happening to us. Now, about LEON, that's so that Santa can read it in his rear view mirror, right? LOL!

Carole Moore

Ummm. Perhaps it is an unintentional payback for the copper pot? LOL

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