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January 21, 2020



So cute and love the change of seasons idea... nice touch! So, guess St Patty's day would be next, can't wait to see what you come up with there;))
Love it!

Sue J

Your Valentine display is very sweet.

Stephani in N. TX

Cute as a bug. Wasn't aware of the Rae Dunn thing, tho I have heard people talk of "scoring" a Rae Dunn mug with some special saying. I moved so much stuff from my old house to my new that all I need to do is shop from my stores. I only quilt these days, but in the past I did ceramics, cross stitch, sewed endlessly. I updated Christmas ribbon this year. But, I donated the wreaths I had made for my front door that I changed every month of the year. Had cavernous closets in the old house.

Mary Kastner

Looks adorable for Valentines Day. Eye candy everywhere you look!


I've not heard of Rae Dunn but it reminds me of people snapping up Beany Babies & Cabbage Patch dolls in years past. And, they're making plenty on eBay because there are crazier people willing to pay a high price for those items! Your tiered tray is very Valentine's Day festive!💘💝 Does Eva rearrange 'her' side often?

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Love your tier tray. I still have snowmen in mine. I haven’t given up on getting some of the white stuff.


I love the little birdcage! Can't tell if there is a small candle in there but it is cute. I didn't even know who Rae Dunn is....had to Google her. lol, she's in my neck of the woods: Berkeley.

The madness reminds of the Beanie Babies craze. ;p


I was totally UN-aware of that crazy shopping thing with the Rae Dunn products. I love your little vignette on the counter. Very cute!!

Randi Ortega

I think some of the RD pieces are cute, but I don’t understand the mass hysteria over them. They are really quite plain and I wouldn’t want much of it myself. To each their own. I’d get tired of reading words on every single thing, telling me what it is. However, I suppose as I get older that could be a benefit, lol.


The comments are funny on this one. I haven't heard of RD either. But I like that mug. I like the way the letters are imprinted into the ceramic. Your Val Day display is great!

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