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January 23, 2020



Just perfect and very small, love them though. Now you can get both of them done this year and have "2" Blockheads …;)))Crazy how we need to have them just so but so worth it in the end!


Loving your blocks! This is my first BH series and it has not disappointed.

Mary Kastner

That block looks perfect! Great job,


This week's block is well thought out & really pretty! Great fabric placement! I'm laughing about your retreat dream! The nerve of those machine-moving-block-stealing-women! Happy to hear you were able to figure out that troublesome block!

Debbie R.

All your blocks look great. You're right: accuracy is so satisfying. I recently re-made a few blocks because they were a bit wonky, and am so much more satisfied with the results the second time around. And like you, I had to re-do one "my way" because I couldn't make it work the way the instructions stated.

Can't wait to see your First Flake. I love that quilt and am going to have to make one for myself.


oh, that is just lovely! um, 60 pieces in one block? yikes! ;p

I clicked to see that woman's IG posts and she is AMAZING....the precision in everything she has made is just amazing.


I love your blocks and really loving your palette. Jealous you are getting more sewing time than me, but hopefully that will change soon. Thanks for posting because I am enjoying your progress immensely!

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