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January 17, 2020


Nancy Watkins

I wanted to do this but maybe another time, going through chemo and just too tired right now. Your colors are beautiful! Will be fun to watch your progress.

Patty Fowl

I passed on this year Moda BlockHeads. I participated in BH 2 and kept up with it all year long but it felt like a chore after awhile and I was anxious to be finished with it. I had seen someone else's setting around week 48 and I finished mine up at that point in time. I know yours will be beautiful... why does it seem that all the Block Alongs come out at once??

Stephani in N. TX

I had to quit looking at 3 Sisters collections. Having bought several and making lovely quilts with them, the new lines tempted me way over my limits. What I bought I used and I love. If I bought more, I might be still petting bundles. Like Blockheads as well. There are so many other quilts I want to create but I'm approaching #200 and I really have to slow down on the output. Since I quilt by check, I don't donate quilts when I moved to the city. My kiddos may be doing so when I'm gone. Can't wait to see what you do with all that beauty.


First, I'm sending good thoughts to Nancy who commented above that she's currently going through chemo. I'll keep you in my heart at this tough time.
Nicole, I'm loving your fabric choices! I tried a couple of sew alongs, but for some reason it's not a fun thing for me. I suppose I should give it another try...

Clara Chandler

Love the colors you chose for the Blockheads 3 1st block. I've saved the block patterns for BH 1 and BH 2. I'll do the same for BH 3. As the blocks are released, the design may inspire me. Currently, I'm finishing another SAL a month after the finish. It is difficult to keep up even with one block a week.


that is really lovely. I love 3 sisters' fabric lines. I'm hoarding some too.

I have done the same thing as you where I've made all the blocks for a quilt but haven't yet sewn them together.

last year I started pulling them out and sewing them together. I am going to continue to do that this year while working on new projects.

I finally figured out that I enjoy the making part and it is okay to have UFOs. no more guilt for me. ;p

have a lovely weekend!

Debbie R.

As with other years, I will collect the patterns, just in case I decide to jump in. I do look at the blocks and use some of them for other things, though. But I don't need to start another big project. And in the end, sampler-type quilts aren't my favourite.

Love your fabric choice, and your block is beautiful. Go, Nicole!

Helen Burdette

I downloaded the pattern for the first block and am planning to work from my stash on this. Sounds fun and I have a friend who lives in my town who is going to do it, too. Always fun to have a friend to sew with.

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