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January 07, 2020


Patricia Boyle

Your reasons for the slow down of quilting are exactly what mine are. I focus on small quilts or crossstitching Reproduction samplers.

Mary Kastner

Beautiful quilts Nicole. You did a lot more than I did for sure. it was an off year for me as well. I started doing a lot more handwork which equaled less machine work. I do have some projects in mind for 2020. I look forward to seeing what you are up to as well. happy New Year!

T Holzer

You know, I watch your blog faithfully and I had forgotten many of your quilts so it was great to see them again. I keep track on my calendar of the days that I sew for at least 15 minutes and 2019 was an all time low with a measly 126 sewing days of the 365. I am for 15 minutes each and every day which shouldn't be that hard! This year I am not aiming for quantity, but I plan to challenge myself with some doozies for patterns...hard and challenging that will take more time. I'll see how this goes!! Maybe I should challenge you do make a challenge quilt as well????

Patty Fowl

I feel much the way you do Nicole. After many years of quilting, I have gifted quilts to all family members and am running out of space to store my finishes.Looking forward to hearing your ideas for storage or gifting for us long-time quilters that are in an over-quilt situation. Additionally, to pay for quilting when I have no plans for the quilt, gets pricey. I, too, get bored with some of the fabric lines... I wonder if the designers that always work within the same color palette get bored with it... I know that they change up a color or two but I know I get bored with working on the same types of quilts and same color ways.
From your year-end summary, you have accomplished quite a lot!

Sherri C

Nicole, Have you considered donating some of your quilts as a fund raiser to a local charity you support. Realizing, of course, that it might not bring as much money as you have invested in the quilt. I read Jo's Country Junction blog and she donates a quilt each year to her local volunteer fire dept fundraiser dinner.
Just a thought.
My "youngest" son (51) asked me a few weeks ago if I had a quilt I would be willing to give to a friend of his for his 51st birthday. They have been friends since grade school. It took me just a moment to say yes!It felt so good to be able to do give someone a quilt that I hadn't thought to gift one to.

I really enjoy your reading lists and just signed on to Good Reads to track my reading. Love William Kent Kruegar books.


Your 2019 finishes are all so pretty & smaller projects seem to be the way I'm heading, too. If you are inclined, as Sherri C. suggests, gifting or donating quilts when there is a need or request is a good way to share your work. When I do that I always include a note to the recipient to use them because quilts are tough & need to be out of the cupboard & loved! The enjoyment for me is in the making process & I've never regretted giving away a quilt!


so many lovely finishes. I'm really curious to see your quilt storage idea. I have 6 large quilts waiting for binding. ;p

I did not have a productive year. arthritis in my hands really kept me from sewing the 2nd half of 2019. I'm hoping 2020 will be better.

Christine Hancock

Wow for someone who said you hadn't quilted so much, you done amazingly well. I have a top finished but not layered so that's what I must do it this year.. but I did crochet and knit and read 80 books. So I 'm contented with my efforts.

Debbie R.

Well, it looks to me like you accomplished quite a bit of quilting, with some really nice results. Small is still begun and done :-) If I got that much done I'd be delighted!

I look forward to seeing what you tackle in 2020.

As for me, I will continue to plod along. There will be lots of blocks for charity quilts (my local quilt group makes a lot of quilts for charity, about which we all feel great), some UFOs completed (I hope!), and a few new projects begun. I haven't yet gifted a quilt to every family member, so that's still a long-term goal for me.

Happy New Year!

Penny J Holliday

Nicole you seemed to be very productive in 2019 & must have been surprised when you posted all the many beautiful quilts that you did make! All are so beautiful & your assembly is perfection ~ it would be difficult for me to choose a favorite! Thanks for sharing a year of amazing & beautiful quilts in your truly unique style!

Wendy Currie

Hi Nicole,
After a few not enough time for my own quilt years, I made a big change early in 2019 and took a leave from my job that had grown from casual to full time. As much as I love the job and caring for seniors with dementia I couldn’t juggle everything...I also have a longarm quilting business that is almost full time. Life stopped on a dime last February when my Mom passed away and I knew it was time to get off of the hamster wheel! I spent 2019 piecing and finishing ufo’s and started and finished some new quilts. I had been on a self imposed no buy for a few years and also let loose a bit. I ended up resigning my position and went on the casual list life feels more balanced and I am back in love with my art again!
One fun thing too is we are now expecting our 5th grandchild so many quilt making opportunities!


I think you have accomplished quite a bit for 2019! I wasn't able to do much in sewing room in the last quarter of the year dues to family hospitalizations so I took cross-stitch with me to hosp. It is difficult to balance reading and quilting so I try to read each night at bedtime. A red and white pineapple quilt is on my list so if you decide to "chuck" the pinapple quilt, I'd be excited to help you out!

Michele Klein

I have started 2020 by working on UFO’s. I have What Nots from Kim Diehls first time of doing them to complete. I’ve completed 3 put of 5 so far. That doesn’t even begin to make s dent in what I have in my to be done list.

Like you I have several quilts that are just sitting around doing nothing. I’m going to donate some to a local organization that gives items to foster kids. I know I have a lot of money tied up in my quilts but I’m so fortunate that I can afford to make s quilt just because I want to, that I feel it’s time to give back. I have a friend who has fostered over 60 children and they most often do not have anymore than a few belongings.

Hope you have a successful new year!

Jennifer in Indy

My year was pretty good and I know you don’t think yours was good, but you really do have a lot to show for it! I am hoping to get a few ufos done this year too - I am glad to have lots of stash to choose from for backs and bindings ;)

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