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January 10, 2020


grace thorne aka cityquilter grace

they all look delish! being on no-salt diet means no takeout or frozen pizza--sauce and pepperoni strictly forbidden, so i do make my own, top with's just as good even without salt...

Robby H.

I used to make pizza a lot. I'm not sure why I drifted away from that. For folks who don't have a pizza peel, you can use the back of a cookie sheet sprinkled with corn meal the same way. It isn't quite as convenient, but if you want to try before you buy or have limited space, it works pretty well. I have also put a piece of parchment on the back of my cookie sheet and made the pizza on that then the parchment and pizza both slide on the stone and you still get a nice crisp crust.


We used to make pizza at home & that recipe sounds awfully familiar. The thicker the crust, the better, & we used a cookie sheet with 1" sides which worked just fine. Using an iron skillet sounds like a great idea--I'm going to see what the Pioneer Woman has to say on YouTube! Happy pizza making! 🍕🍕

Diane Linford

Thanks a million!


This is how we do it from Cook's Country recipe:

1) make dough (my recipe is almost identical to yours)

2) preheat oven to 500 degrees

3) once dough is ready spread in cast iron skillet. spread sauce and then add toppings. I spread the dough thinly to make Margarita style pizza.

4) cook pizza on stove top until bottom of dough is lightly brown. I use a spatula to lift up crust and check it. It doesn't take long to brown.

5) pizza then goes into oven to finish cooking. it is done when cheese has melted and crust is firm. this only takes maybe 7 mins.


oh, if you want to try the best homemade sauce that is easy to prepare using a blender, just let me know. I can send you the recipe. It really tastes like what you get at a good pizza parlor.


I learned a couple tricks recently that I love. One is to put a sheet of parchment paper on the peel and use it to slide the dough onto the stone. It’s safe to 500 degrees so the whole thing can stay in the oven. The other is to put just the sauce and meat/veg toppings and bake for about half the time, then add the cheese. The theory is the cheese adds moisture to a raw dough but less so if it’s partially cooked, so it ends up crispier. I’ve found it to be true. Having said that, both your pizzas look yummy!


Tried your recipe tonight. Came out great. It’s a keeper! Family loved it. No more delivery pizza for us. Made the dough in The Kitchenaid mixer.

Pam E.

Just tried your recipe. Very easy to make and tasted great. Will absolutely, definitely make this again. Thanks for sharing.

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