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January 13, 2020


Wendy Currie

I love your version of the snowflake quilt and esp love stretches of days to stay home and quilt! With all of our snow and cold weather here those days are even more appealing!
I really think that coffee tastes better in the right mug! My favourite these days come from Finland.

Roseanna J

I had not seen the First Flake design before. I am in love with it. I have a corner in the cupboard that I store MY coffee cups. My family makes fun of me. It truly makes a difference to me to have my coffee in a pretty cup and I do not like the heavy chunky ones my husband likes. I have not had a productive start in sewing for the New Year. We decided to do a spring cleaning in January and get rid of a lot of junk. I am rather shocked at how much we have to get rid of. Your weekend sounds fantastic to me.

Kerry Linklater

I too have favourite coffee cups! Love your snowflake! So clean and modern!
Question on the pizza.... will I get ok results using regular flour? Thanks!


Your mug rug under the pretty mug is cute! Was that your wool project? I sewed Thursday-Saturday at retreat. By Sunday all I did was go to the group breakfast & pack up to head home! All that fun was exhausting! 🤪


I've been working on my wool, too. ;p I love your first flake quilt! it is gonna be lovely when finished.

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