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February 18, 2020



This is really coming together and looking good! I love your center medallion and how perfect it is. Great choice and am sure you will find a perfect border to finish off....just think, this will be done very soon...good job!!!


Beautiful! Can't wait too see the finished quilt. I think maybe a pieced border....

Carla B

Yeah the center block is sooo perfect!! What if you doodle and experiment with maybe adding a border with a vine. Even if only on two corners, or four opposite corners. It would tie in the center block. Also, just thinking, then it would be easy to stick with the Kansas Troubles fabrics.

Debbie R.

Looking great!! I look forward to seeing how the border develops.

Mary Kastner

OH My Goodness! You get a gold star Nicole. Your blocks are awesome! I do like the idea of appliqué vines and leaves around the border. I think that would really look good myself.



It's looking good!


Looking very good!


Really lovely!

Karen Likens

Wow, that is terrific! I'm doing hand applique on a tulip quilt that is taking for ever but will be worth it in the end, I hope.



That center medallion is exactly what the blocks needed! Beautiful top!

Susan Ramey Cleveland


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