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February 06, 2020



I go through that same frustration with blocks! But I do find that once they are sewn into the top and quilted, they are not that noticeable. Hope this helps.


I often find myself second guessing my fabric choices. But I think that when you spread the lighter and darker blocks around in the layout they will look balanced and it will look great. I, as well, avoid block designs that remind me of swastikas.


I agree. Once the blocks are sewn together & quilted the overall appearance is much more pleasing. No swastika-looking blocks. And, remember, this is supposed to be fun...when it's not, then it's time to find another project. My go-to phrase is 'There are no quilt police!'


orphan blocks can be pieced into the backing. I piece my backing to use up scraps all of the time. do a search for backing ideas. lots of fun ideas by really creative people. ;p

Diane Linford

I agree-put the orphan blocks on the back. Or use them to make a cute, small bag, like the zippy strippy bags or similar. Then gift them.

Debbie R.

Your new blocks look great!
In order to move ahead, maybe back up ... look at it all from more of a distance, and most if not all of the blocks that are up there will look fine (except for the swastikas). Once sewn together and quilted, you will have a beautiful quilt, and it's unlikely you will be regretting one small block or two. :-)

Robby H.

When I would start nit-picking things as a kid, my Dad's advice was to put whatever it was someplace i would walk by it, but it wasn't obvious I had to look at it. Over the next couple of days my mind would absorb and meld everything together, but let me know if there was truly something that didn't work. Darned if he wasn't right more often than not. He said it was a way to let your subconscious do the work. You'll get it figured out.

And no swastika blocks seems reasonable. There was a period just before WWII and through the immediate post-war period that ladies simply wouldn't make those blocks.


Sometimes I take a picture of my quilt and look at that. Somehow what isnt right will be more obvious and then I can correct it.

Jennifer in Indy

I like the new blocks! I think sometimes the longer you look at them, the more you find ones to change, You could use the orphan blocks in the quilt back, maybe a row of them across the middle of the back? Or put them together for a wheelchair quilt for charity. I know that ALS patients can use wheelchair quilts.


Remember the "fylfots" in Tracy Chevalier's "A Single Thread" ?
What the characters saw as swastikas (in the needlework design) are actually a left-facing Anglo-Saxon design.
But, that said, I wouldn't be able to have either in my work, either!

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