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February 13, 2020



Once you master paper foundation piecing, you are going to love it. Points come out exactly perfect and this little "love" block is a great way to get started. Do you have an 'add-a-quarter' ruler? It can be done without one, but once addicted, you are going to want a 6" and a 12".

Mary Kastner

Your block is adorable Nicole. I love the sunflower. Perfect choice.


Sherry V.

I think the sunflower is great. . . the block definitely conveys an autumny, harvest-y feel.


The center medallion will be a great addition to your blocks. Once you make the leaves in green it's going to show you it's perfect for the quilt! 🌻 I saw the LOVE block on a couple blogs yesterday. I've never paper pieced but I used to be really good at cutting out paper doll clothes! (Do they even have those anymore??)


Wow Jan. Haven't thought of paper dolls in years.

Carla B.

I also love the block not only for the color, autumn look and the combination of pumpkin, crow and the whimsical sunflower; but also the contrast between the blocks and this center square. I learned a looooong time ago from Jinny Breyer and Nancy Halprin how successful a quilt is with a little bit of “tension”. Take color, quilts that have terrific matched colors are very nice. But when the quilter throws in a fabric that is just a ‘tad bit off’ that helps the quilt change from nice to dynamic.

Word picture: a group of kids are at the beach playing Tug of War. Yes, there is a drawn line in the sand. Now which is more fun to watch?

When one team immediately pulls the other team over the line? Or when there is a fun back and forth going on? Everyone is cheering them on. What great fun!

To me, this subtle, playful tension between your particular pieced blocks and this whimsical center block will end up being perfect. I think it will add just the right subtle tension that those two great teachers were sharing with us. Just my thoughts. And btw, I ❤️ this quilt. Nice job. Congratulations.


I love this...I think the sun flower works perfectly. Keep it! ;p

Stephani in N. TX

Just think of real sun flowers, don't they just tower over everything else. So far this looks like a great center block for your quilt, but you will know if you can live with the proportion by trying it out in the center of your quilt on the design wall. That's pretty much where I make final decisions. Love the Blockheads quilts, just don't love tiny pieces - YET!

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