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February 10, 2020


Sherry V.

Your Blockhead quilt is coming out really cute. I can't wait to see what you do for the center piece.

What a cute picture of Ozzie. . . isn't it funny how animals can get into such positions when they sleep. . .and then just get up like it is "no big deal". LOL

If I tried that position I would be in traction. LOL

T Holzer

Your blockheads quilt (s) will be gorgeous, Nicole! I can't remember all of your books that you have blogged about, but have you read The Glass Castle?? Amazing book!! Sometimes I get stuck in my preferred genre of books and miss out on so many great reads. This was almost one of them if a friend hadn't suggested it to me. Have a great week!!

Sherri C

We had a mini schnauzer that slept with his head totally off the bed or chair. Always wondered why he liked that position. Love seeing Ozzie pictures!


Sherry V's "'I'd be in traction'" comment about Ozzie has me laughing out loud! So true! Our two also find some crazy ways to sleep--on the furniture, of course! Your 'fish or cut bait' attitude is a good way to just tackle the project with no more over-thinking!

Amy L

What's the background fabric, Nicole? Maybe one of your readers has some in their stash they'd part with so you can have some wiggle room on this project.


gingham drives me matter what I do it looks a bit wonky. ugh.

have you asked on your blog to see if any of your readers have the background fabric in their stash? I'd send you some if I have it...I'll never use all of the fabric I have accumulated. let me know and I'll check my stash.

lorraine bujnowski

I am curious about your setting that you are planning for your Blockheads 3. I, too, am participating in the Blockheads sew along but would like to know how to plan a setting.

Jocelyn Thurston

What an array of absolutely gorgeous blocks! Our black Lab, Murphy, also poses immodestly sometimes. Lol

Peggie Riccio

What an adorable picture.....I always love Ozzie pics and stories! Oh, and your blocks are great, too!

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