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February 07, 2020



They all are so cute and even the rejects would be cute in there own little topper or runner Nicole.... can't wait to see how the sashing works our with them...;)))


The lattice is a really nice addition.


You have some of the most beautiful quilts in the blog world. I did an 8-point star scrap quilt and set the blocks with lattice and cornerstones. It's one of my favorite quilts, and I just love it.

I machine quilted an orphan block and use it as a large coffee coaster. I sew mostly with civil war fabrics, and this coaster works well with coffee spills.

Mary Kastner

Great "new" block choices!



For the center applique, Jan Patek has a pattern in her most recent blog post that has a house and tree as the center of a medallion quilt. She has lots of other applique ideas and is one of the Block Head designers.


I was surprised to see you removed Snail's Trail, but it did draw my eye immediately when it was in your layout yesterday. Good decision, in my opinion! Having Eva invite a friend for the day sounds like a great idea! Enjoy the day whatever you decide to do!

Lynda H

go to the "one piece at a time" blog and check out her "home again" bom or her patterns for medallion quilts.


Really really lovely. Ideas? Come on, go down the IG and Pinterest rabbit hole! Leave bread crumbs or you'll never find your way back. ;p

Debbie R.

Your final layout looks great. And your new blocks are really nice. That thin lattice is going to be perfect. As for those orphan blocks, I liked someone's suggestion from yesterday to include them on the back. Have fun searching for an idea for the centre medallion. And have a nice long weekend.

Audrey Grace

Some of the Blackbird Designs books have good applique designs. Like Garden Club or Country Inn. What ever you do, it's going to be gorgeous!

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