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February 25, 2020



Glad to hear that you're still flu free. I recently made a quilt with Moda's cupcake mix papers. Those pieces were so small! But following Carrie Nelson's demo on removing the papers, they came off so easily - just as you explained.
That's a pretty block, by the way!


Knocking on wood that you continue avoiding the flu! Your block is pretty! Carrie's paper removal technique is right up there with so many 'hints' she's given quilters over the years! ❤️ Thanks for sharing!

Stephani in N. TX

Good advice on the paper removal chore. I myself try to avoid tiny triangles. Since you mentioned Carrie, where is she? I met her in OKC at a quilt shop where she was presenting. But I don't see her much representing Moda blog-wise. Miss her lots. Thank goodness you missed the flu. I'm thinking I got the right mix in my shot this year. Also my grandson is not so susceptible as he grows so I am not catching germs from he and his classmates. Yay!

Mary Kastner

Thank you! Great tip and demonstration!


Carla B.

OMG Such a great tip tp use with PP. The minute I saw a block as I came to your post I immediately thought that you are doing well and hopefully the rest of the family is improving. Definitely adding this tip to my notebook.


really lovely block!


what a pretty block. I learned in a class to press before you pull the paper off. It sort of sets the stitches and helps a bit. glad you are all on the mend.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Sorry to hear of so much family sickness. I hope you stay well and that the Coronavirus stays away form all of us.


I hope early spring has quieted the nasty flu viruses. Sitting in some sunshine and hearing the birds sing is good medicine no matter what ails you. Best wishes to you and your family for good health.
Your block is lovely and I always take note of your tips. I have not used papers, but I have some ready to use for an upcoming project and will be trying your method.

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