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March 20, 2020


Robby H.

You two look lovely all dolled up for tea!

Why not use your phone to "ring" the recess and snack bell? Get outside when you can for the fresh air and Vitamin D from the sun. Skipping rope, hopscotch there are probably old games that might be fun to experience or revisit if her peers aren't around to suggest they are "baby" games. Can you build a fun obstacle course for jumping over (or into a hoop or box), zigzagging around the lawn, etc. Getting in these times as much as possible may also help her attention span.

Also, I think kids need to keep in touch with their friends just like adults, so 15 minutes of FaceTime or Skype with a friend each day or every other day might be good. I've got a list of people I see semi-regularly to remind me who to check in with whether by text, phone, email or another chat method. Maybe she could practice some writing and write an actual letter or make a card to send to a friend? A friend reminder her older sons they can buckle down now or be doing it all summer when hopefully they'll be free to do regular summer activities. They have responded to that so far. Good luck, it's a challenge.

Carla B.

I have seen so many examples of people creatively and deliberately coming up with great, wonderful ideas as we all are going through this time. I must admit, that hopefully, I will continue with some of the positive changes that I have and probably will continue to change in my personal life.

Right now I'm using channeling my energy into attacking our yard and making improvements that I have dreamed about for the past three years since I retired from nursing. Lots to do out there!! We are rural so not a small task.

Bless you, Eva will have wonderful memories.


My, you two look lovely all dressed up! What a fun idea!
The hair salon that I go to, and had a haircut scheduled for next Tuesday, closed their doors this week until further notice. I, too, am wondering how long it will get before I can get it cut!
Keep well!


You & Eva really look festive in your tea party outfits! I slid in under the wire for a haircut & pedi yesterday. My shop was practicing the Rule of 10, but will most likely be closing after today. I'm also trying to fix meals that will give us leftovers. Your Chicken Noodle Casserole is in the line-up because it's now a favorite here!
A tv morning show host who was broadcasting from home showed his children's daily home school schedule on a white board the other day. Snacks, recess & lunch times were listed between subjects. A visual of what is coming next might help Eva & also give you a time to take your own 'break'.


Nice that you get to spend time with your granddaughter. I have 13 grandchildren that live very close to me and I miss them all so much - tears come whenever I think of them. I usually see them every week some will be here this afternoon to play in our yard...and let me see them.


a tea party is a great idea. I can imagine how hard this is for a child to not her friends and play. :( At least it isn't raining?

Linda G Duncan

Thank you for your book recommendations. They are wonderful.

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